15 Best Eyeliner Pencil Brands In India

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In our cosmopolitan Indian culture, each lady utilizes one cosmetics item strictly and that is the humble – eyeliner. This little makeup item can improve your eyes and give your face some definition. 

There are a few cosmetics marks that have dispatched eyeliners dependent on the various recipe, going from fluid eyeliners to gel eyeliners to eyeliner pencils. While most ladies might know about the various sorts of eyeliners accessible on the lookout, scarcely any realize that each kind of eyeliner fills an alternate need. 

For instance, take the most widely recognized kind of eyeliner – kohl or pencil eyeliners. It is essentially a free powder made minimally and fit into a pencil holder. Its shape and recipe make it an astonishing item for novices. Getting some clearness on eye cosmetics essentials will assist you with picking the best eyeliner pencil brands on the lookout. 

Key points Before Buying An Eye Pencil 

Sort Of Eye Pencil 

Eye pencils come in various kinds and different structures. There are wooden pencils that you need to hone, and there are wind up pencils. 

Despite the fact that bend up pencils are helpful, wooden pencils generally offer a more extravagant shading result and that’s why they are used by popular Beauty Services. Pick a bare eye pencil dependent on your accommodation and prerequisite. 

See what goes in the ingredients list

Peruse the component list before you purchase any item. These eye pencils are known to be reasonable for all skin types. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a realized hypersensitivity to any of the components in the item, cease from purchasing it. Also, a few items guarantee to be natural or all-regular. In the event that you are searching for something around there, go through the fixings to be doubly certain. 


Decide on a pencil eyeliner that is exceptionally pigmented. Beauty Services go for better pigmentation, as more exceptional and more extravagant shading you get in a solitary stroke. 


Put resources into an eyeliner that has a smooth surface. Pencil eyeliners that are dry and harsh ought to be kept away from. The most ideal approach to check the perfection of eyeliner is by applying it to the rear of your palm or hand. 


Pencil eyeliners require honing to keep the tip pointed. Along these lines, decide on a liner that accompanies a sharpener so you don’t need to get one independently. 


Pencil eyeliners arrive in an assortment of shadings like dark, earthy coloured, blue, green, purple, and so forth You can decide on any shade according to your style. In any case, it is prescribed to pick a shade that suits your skin tone. For fair complexion, Beauty Services use, dim and earthy coloured tones are reasonable. For medium and dim skin tones, conceals like dark, naval force blue, and earthy coloured are suggested. 

Eye Color 

Eye tone is one more factor to consider. For dark and earthy coloured eyes, shades of dark, blue, and earthy coloured work the best. For blue or green eyes, conceals like dark, earthy coloured, and purple is proposed. 


There are countless brands to consider. Some case dependable wear, and some guarantee a smirch free look. A few brands guarantee to be skin-accommodating and normal. Pick one depending on your inclination. 

Advantages of Using Pencil Eyeliners 

Basically, pencil eyeliners are not difficult to hold and apply. The powder-based recipe is delicate and functions admirably on the waterline just as the upper cover. On the disadvantage, eye pencils will in general smear effectively and keep going for a couple of hours. 

Eyes are the most expressive piece of your face and adding shadings to them that praise your skin tone, make them more supernatural. Here some exemplary pencil eyeliner colours that never become unfashionable. 

brown Eyeliner Pencil

Earthy coloured Eyeliner Pencil 

In the event that you are burnt out on utilizing the normal, worn-out dark eyeliner pencils and need to attempt another shading that isn’t exceptionally brilliant, an earthy coloured eyeliner pencil would have an enormous effect. It would break the dreariness and add some unobtrusive tone to your eyes. 

Blue Eyeliner Pencil 

Contingent upon the shade of blue you can change the temperament of your look. Go from inconspicuous with naval force blue, to out of control with a splendid electric blue. 

Silver Eyeliner Pencil 

Regardless of whether you’re going out celebrating with the young ladies, or simply need to play things up grinding away, a silver answer is your go-to when you add some energy to your look. 

Different shadings that are in this year are dark green, orange, and surprisingly pink eyeliner pencil are only a portion of the moving eyeliner shades of the period. In any case, on the off chance that you love the shading dark strictly, you can generally browse the wide assortment of shades of the shading that are presently accessible on the lookout. For the storm season, waterproof eyeliner pencils would be an exceptionally shrewd venture. 

Here is the list of the top 15 Best Eyeliner Pencil Brands In India

1. Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer 

The Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer is a high effect naked eye pencil. The plan includes an inherent sharpener and a smudger. The shade In The Nude has a strongly pigmented equation that is waterproof and guarantees as long as 10 hours of fortitude. Beauty Services use this eye pencil to assist you with making exact lines, while the smudger assists with unobtrusive mixing for a striking and emotional look. 

2. NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil

The NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil is an astounding multi-use item and outstanding amongst other naked pencils in India. You can utilize it as an eyeliner, an eyeshadow, and surprisingly a highlighter! 

Shimmer Nude looks especially spectacular for a gathering, night out, or celebration. The recipe is a smooth mix of powder and mineral oil that floats easily without pulling, pulling, or blurring. 

3. Facescanada Long-Wear Eye Pencil 

Get an extreme tone and raise your eye cosmetics with the Facescanada Long-Wear Eye Pencil. It skims on easily and assists you with making smokey eyes easily. This pencil eyeliner has a delicate and waterproof recipe that keeps going long without smirching or dissolving. The profoundly pigmented recipe is delicate on touchy eyes as it doesn’t contain any additives or synthetics. This eyeliner pencil is accessible in four different shades – Navy Blue, Copper Rose, Metallic Plum, and Purple.

4. NaturLash Mineral for Sensitive Eyes 

Regular items are your skin’s closest companion. With a plush vibe, this eyeliner draws out your wing with only flawlessness. Beauty Services use it since it is vegetarian and is made utilizing fixings that alleviate your eyes. 

It is confided in the selection of ladies everywhere in the world, inferable from its non-poisonous mix of fixings that suit delicate eyes. This durable eyeliner assists you with making emotional and stylish looks effortlessly. This item is gluten, mercury, paraben, petrol just as colour free. It is regular as far as possible, but makes you look beguiling! 

5. Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner 

The Avon  Glimmersticks Eyeliner adds profundity and tries to please eyes quickly. This retractable pencil eyeliner is smooth and coasts on effectively to convey a profoundly pigmented sparkle finish. 

It requires a couple of moments to settle and stays on for 10 hours without feeling fat on your eyelids. This flexible pencil eyeliner is accessible in other exquisite shine tones, similar to green, plum, earthy coloured, and dim – for you to explore different avenues. 

6. Wet n wild Icon Kohl Pencil Eyeliner 

The wet n wild Color Icon Kohl Pencil Eyeliner is lavishly pigmented with an enduring recipe. It has a smooth surface and offers great shading resulting in only one stroke. This makes it the best pencil eyeliner liked by most cosmetics specialists and Beauty Services. This pencil eyeliner floats on easily and has a matte completion. The 12-hour long-wearing recipe doesn’t move or smear. 

7. L’Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing Eyeliner 

The L’Oreal Paris Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing Eyeliner has a crème equation that gives you précise lines with a solitary stroke. This pencil eyeliner coasts effectively and easily and stays on throughout the day without smearing or dissolving. 

It has a crème finish and resembles a gel liner and has the ideal surface to accomplish the winged eye look. This eyeliner is profoundly pigmented and is ok for touchy eyes and contact focal point wearers. It is accessible in two different shades – Cocoa and Espresso. 

8. L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Superstar Duo Designer Eyeliner 

The L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Superstar Duo Designer Eyeliner includes a pencil eyeliner toward one side and fluid eyeliner at the other. It is 24-hour smirch verification and waterproof. This pencil eyeliner couple has an extraordinary, rich recipe that doesn’t break or move. 

The fluid liner is not difficult to apply and floats easily. This pencil eyeliner pair additionally comes in brilliant and silver shades. It is travel-accommodating and can assist you with making different eye cosmetics looks without any problem. 

9. Lakme Absolute Forever Silk Eyeliner 

Give your eyes a fly of sparkle with this metallic completion pencil eyeliner from Lakme. It is improved with Vitamin E that supports and saturates your eyes. 

This smooth and delicate finished pencil eyeliner is smirch evidence and waterproof and keeps going as long as 8 hours. It makes metallic tints in a solitary stroke and is accessible in five other exciting shades – Black Last, Electric Violet, Jaded Mint, Gray Matter, and Earth. 

10. Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil 

The Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil is a strongly reflexive pencil eyeliner that goes on for 8 hours without wrinkling, smearing, chipping, or liquefying. The smooth and velvety equation leaves a shimmery complete process of, making it a moment top choice of the individuals who love making fun eye cosmetics looks.

This pencil eyeliner is produced using non-harmful fixings and is reasonable for delicate eyes. It is accessible in 13 metallic and shimmery tones that are basically beautiful. 

11. Julep When Pencil Met Gel Long-Lasting Eyeliner 

Applying eyeliner while wearing contacts could be very precarious. The Julep When Pencil Met Gel Long-Lasting Eyeliner has a fabulous recipe made particularly for touchy eyes. It comes in a lot of fun and eccentric shades that you could fix your eyes with to accomplish a look that will make you catch everyone’s eye! 

This eyeliner is luxuriously pigmented and sets into your skin in less than 30 seconds. Beauty Services prefer this eyeliner because it goes on for more than 10 hours without smearing. The tip is really smooth and skims on your skin to make the ideal look. 

12. Bourjois Effet Smoky Eye Pencil 

The Bourjois Effet Smoky Eye is a twofold tipped pencil eyeliner. It includes a delicate pencil liner toward one side to help layout the eyes and a smearing brush on the other to mix the tone for a smokey eye impact along the lash line. This pencil eyeliner is defined with common waxes and contains nutrients C and E. 

The fibres of the brush are super delicate and common and don’t cause disturbance while mixing. This item is reasonable for those with touchy eyes and contact focal point wearers. It is accessible in four different tones – 71 Smoky Brown, 72 Dark Purple, 73 Deep Green, and 74 Gray Shadow. 

13. Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal 

A top choice among cosmetics vloggers and experts, Rimmel London’s Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude 005 gives you an extreme focus shading sway with its smooth recipe. With this bare shade on your waterline, you can without much of a stretch phoney 8 hours of rest while making your eyes look greater and more conscious. This bare eyeliner pencil is dermatologist-tried. 

14. Deborah Milano 2-In-1 Gel Kajal and Eyeliner in 6 Butter 

This multi-useful eye pencil from Deborah Milano gives you the advantages of a kajal and an eyeliner. It is an extraordinary pick for novices as it is easy to utilize. The lavishly pigmented equation will wait through blistering late spring days, rainstorms, and genuinely destroying minutes from any exemplary misfortune. 

15. Pac Longlasting Kohl Pencil in Skin 

Pac Cosmetics has been causing a ripple effect in India with its excellent expert cosmetics that is really moderate. This champagne-pink shade looks extraordinary on reasonable medium skin tones. 

It waits for around 8 hours without smearing or blurring. In the event that you are searching for a long-remaining, waterproof kohl recipe that is pocket-accommodating, try this one out. 


These are a portion of the eyeliners we set up for you. These liners will help you amp up your style game by accomplishing fun, strong, and stylish looks quickly. Nonetheless, it is urgent that you choose eyeliners that you realize will turn out best for your skin type. 

Here is a rundown of some makeup tips every woman should know.

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