15 Best Logistics Companies In India – 2021

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Logistics alludes to the matter of moving products starting with one spot then onto the next. Generally, logistics assumed a major part in the development of enormous economies throughout the planet. Everything began with transportation when pilots discovered new shipping lanes across the world which assisted organizations with setting up their bases in Asia. 

The greatest insurgency in logistics was helped by the innovation of the plane. Because of payload flights, products could be shipped across significant distances in a jiffy giving an establishment to a globalized economy. The introduction of worldwide aggregates was based on the rear of productive logistics. 

In a country as extensive as India, logistics is key towards helping individuals’ everyday lives. The structure of the eager street and interstate tasks has filled a development in the logistics business where transport time between significant urban communities has definitely decreased. Exchanging between different provinces of India happens exclusively due to the logistics business. 


Indeed, even between the city and intra-city level, the logistics space has seen a significant blast. The restraining infrastructure that was before involved by India Post has diminished because of the rise of a few private players. The ascent of the conveyance business and e-shopping sites has additionally filled this development. 

Logistics is the explanation that your #1 web-based business organization can convey your bundle on the following day to your doorstep. Behind the whole cycle is an unpredictable inventory network including stockroom staff, sorters, transporters, assortment focuses, and conveyance staff. This whole industry works with perfect timing accuracy to guarantee that the correct products are conveyed to the correct client within the guaranteed period. 

The new presentation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is relied upon to give a significant lift to the Indian logistics industry. Prior, trucks would need to line up at state borders for paying octroi, extract obligations, and would have to show a ton of desk work. With the rollout of the one-country one-charge GST system, this holding up time will lessen definitely. 

A few Indian business visionaries have ventured out into this area to be a piece of the logistics development story in the country. In this piece, we will investigate a portion of the top logistics new businesses in India and a few insights concerning them. 

1. Delhivery 

Delhivery is perhaps the best logistics new company in India which was established by a gathering of keen individuals Bhavesh Manglani, Kapil Bharati, Mohit Tandon, Sahil Barua, and Suraj Saharan. 


The organization was set up in 2011 in Gurgaon. In its underlying stage, the organization offers its types of assistance in just the Delhi NCR district however subsequently it extended its services everywhere in the country including last-mile delivery services. Right now, its services are accessible across 800 urban communities. The startup has gotten financing of $652 million out of 5 subsidizing adjusts. 

2. BlackBuck 

BlackBuck is a logistics startup in India established by Chanakya Hridaya, Ramasubramaniam B, and Rajesh Yabaji in 2015. The organization is situated in Bangalore. Blackbuck is likewise perceived as Zinka logistics. It is a B2B which implies the business-to-business organization which gives transportation arrangements services to large firms. 

Essentially, the organization gives trucks to huge firms to moving products inside the country. The startup has gotten absolute financing of $135 million out of 5 subsidizing adjusts. A portion of its financial backers is Flipkart, IFC resource the executives, Accel accomplices, Sands capital endeavors, Apoletto Asia, and Tiger Globe. 

3. Rivigo 

Rivigo is one of the mainstream logistics new companies in India created by Deepak Garg and Gazal Kalra in 2014. The organization’s central command is in Gurgaon. It offers its types of assistance across a few businesses like auto, internet business, FMCG,web-based, and some more. The principal rationale of the startup is to make logistics human, quicker, more secure, and sensible. It utilizes the most recent innovation in its tasks. 


The organization is building up a Rela-as-a-administration (RaaS) to give a recurrent shipping model to armada proprietors and transporters in India. It has additionally built up the National Freight Index in the year 2019. The startup has gotten financing of $216 million out of 6 subsidizing adjusts. In the year 2019, the organization has acquired an income of rs.1,028 crores. 

4. Roambee 

Roambee is a well-known logistics startup in India created by Sanjay Sharma and Vidya Subramanian. The organization was set up in the year 2014. Initially, the organization’s settlement is in Santa Clara, USA. Its Indian office is arranged in Mumbai. 

The startup fundamentally spotlights the innovation zone of logistics and consolidates the web of Things (IoT) answers for empowering following and observing shipments at numerous means in the conveyance interaction. The startup has gotten subsidization of rs.6,550,000 in 2 financings adjustments. A portion of its financial backers incorporates a gathering of private supporters and Deutsche Telekom logistics Investments. 

5. Edgistify 

Edgistify is a logistics startup in India established by Kamal Kishore Kumawat, Antim Suman, and Umang Shukla. The startup was created in 2016 in Mumbai. Fundamentally, it is a store network startup in India. It is one of the chief logistics new businesses in Mumbai. 

One of the troublesome strides for producers is to discover dependable stockrooms and Edgistify helps in tracking down the best distribution centers in India. It gives full insights regarding the distribution center on its site. Presently, its site has a database of around 560 million sq. ft. of warehousing region. A portion of its financial backers are Jitendra Mahajan and Rajesh Ranavat.

6. First Flight 

First Flight is a logistics startup in Quite a while established by O.P. Saboo in 1998. The organization is set up in Goregaon, Mumbai. First Flight gives a few sorts of services including air freight, train payload, online business logistics, and needs a messenger. It is viewed as India’s highest dispatch startup providing last-mile delivery services. 


First Flight has banded together with significant web-based business organizations like Jabong, Myntra, Paytm, Home Shop18, Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, and numerous others. The organization gives a few logistics services to its clients like stock administration, production network services, warehousing, circulation channel and it additionally gives a start to finish arrangement. 

7. ShiftKarado 

Move Karado is a calculated startup in India that was established by Atul Mithal in 2015. The organization’s settlement is arranged in Gurgaon. The intention of creating ShiftKarado is to figure out common issues in the movement business. 

It is one of the principal innovation-driven pressings and moving services suppliers in the country. The startup offers support to the movement enterprises and works on the way toward moving. 

8. Sprocket 

Sprocket is a logistics startup in India that makes online businesses delivering basics for their clients. The startup was established by Sahil Goel, Gautam Kapoor, and Vishesh Khurana in 2012. It is a Delhi-based startup. The organization gives computerized delivering answers for its clients. It has associated with a few dispatch organizations through which you can transport a place in the country. 

It is an information-driven logistics accumulation discussion that makes productivity in India’s web-based business logistics by connecting on the web retailers with logistics suppliers and gives them start to finish arrangements. Its rationale is to make a magnificent transportation experience. It interfaces online retailers, shoppers, and logistics organizations in a solitary stage. 

9.Blue Dart 

Blue Dart is truly outstanding and the most established logistics new business in India. The organization was created by Tushar Jani, Khushroo Dubash, and Clyde C. Cooper. The startup was set up in 1983 in Mumbai. This is one of the greatest logistics organizations in India and furthermore, it is South Asia’s chief express air and incorporated transportation organization providing last-mile delivery services. 


The services of Blue Dart have spread everywhere in the world covering 200 nations and regions. It conveys appropriation services including customs leeway, inventory network arrangements, cargo sending, and air express. 

10. Shadowfax 

Shadowfax is a logistics startup in India established by Abhishek Bansal and Vaibhav Khandelwal in 2015. The new business settlement is situated in Bangalore. It is one of the biggest publicly supported conveyance discussions in the country. It offers its types of assistance through the portable application by which it permits the conveyance of food, drug store, and online business for business. 

This application additionally helps in creating consumer loyalty. The startup has gotten subsidization of $40 million out of 4 financings adjustments. A portion of its financial backers are Eight Roads adventures, Kunal Bahl, Prashant Malik, Rohit Bansal, and Zishaan Hayath. 


Locus is a logistics startup in India established by Nishith Rastogi and Geet Garg in 2015. The organization was set up in Bangalore. The organization utilizes AI to tackle issues including following and planning. 

The organization is helping new businesses, ventures, and brands in various areas like basic food items, furniture, pharma, and shopper hardware. 

Presently, it is offering types of assistance to a few organizations including Quikr, Lenskart, Licious, and Urban Ladder. The startup has gotten absolute subsidizing of $4 million out of 2 financing adjustments. 

12. Lets Transport logistics

Lets Transport is an Intra City logistics startup in India. It is set up by Ankit Parashar, PushkarSingh, and Sudarshan. The organization was established in 2015 in Bangalore. It gives transportation services in India. 


To utilize its administration’s sellers need to have numerous customers in a city and need to convey their items to shops and workplaces in the city. The organization utilizes confirmed clients, GPS following, and all-day, every-day services. The startup has gotten complete subsidizing of $20 million out of 5 financings adjustments. 

13. Qikpod 

Qikpod is a notable logistics startup in India created by Ravi Gururaj. The organization was set up in 2015 in Bangalore. It utilizes free from any danger storage spaces to convey your package. The storage will open solely after putting OTP which was sent in your telephone.

At present, the organization is offering its types of assistance in Bangalore. The startup has gotten all out subsidizing $9 million out of one financing round. One of its financial backers is Ratan Tata who is one of the greatest business big shots in India. 

14. Cargo Bro 

Cargo Bro is a calculated startup in India established by Anand Babu, Raghavendran, and Mohammed Zakaria in 2016. The startup is situated in Mumbai. 

Cargo Bro additionally functions as a consultant. It offers natural answers for different organizations and organizations. The organization intends to give cutting-edge answers to accelerate your day-by-day business exercises. 

15. Opinio 

Opinio is one of the fruitful logistics new companies in India which is established by Mayank Kumar and Lokesh Jangid. The organization base camp is in Bangalore. Opinio offers its types of assistance in Bangalore just not in the country. 

The organization offers conveyance answers for nearby and independent companies like eateries, basic food items, pastry shop stores, clothing, and so on Opinio has procured an extraordinary standing in the hyperlocal conveyance space. 

The startup has gotten absolute subsidizing of $8,300,000 in seed financing and Series A rounds. A portion of its financial backers are Sands Capital administration, Delhivery, Accel Partners, and Tracxn. 

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