3 Top 7 Seat Cars Under Rs 10 Lakh in India

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In places like India, it very well may be of fundamental significance now and then, the number of individuals we can fit in the vehicle. Particularly in semi-metropolitan conditions, the utility and common sense parts of a vehicle are esteemed a great deal. 

That is the inspiration driving this post too. We attempt to sort out which vehicles under the spending plan of Rs 10 lakh accompany the choice of having a 6/7 seat course of action. 

The second reason that these vehicles settle is that in circumstances when gear turns into your need, the third column can be collapsed to produce a huge load of boot space. 

This improves the utilitarian part of the vehicle and proves to be useful during different conditions. Thus, let us investigate which vehicles suit these measures.

So, here are the top 3 cars with 7 seat car configurations under 10 lakhs 

1. Maruti Ertiga 

Silver maruti ertiga 7 seat car

The new Ertiga is an enormous vehicle and there are a lot of inspirations to go for this Maruti Suzuki MPV. Is it marvellous? None of the vehicles anytime are. 

Other than posting the huge things, we have also headed all-around to uncover nuances you won’t regardless discover after a short test drive. 

Incredibly Affordable 

The inspiration driving why you ought to consider buying the Ertiga is a motivation for cash. The Ertiga is around Rs 3-4 lakhs more affordable than its closest adversary, the Mahindra Marazzo. As of now, whether or not Maruti is charging less for the vehicle, detest they have kept down on the equipment. It has features like a touchscreen infotainment structure, back AC, customized climate control, ABS with EBS, twofold air-sacks, and ISOFIX rearward sitting arrangements among others. 

Comfortable Seats 

The Ertiga has pleasantly comfortable seats, be it the head, second or third-lines. In any case, the third line is the certified element. In most other MPVs, the third-line seating is amazingly low, yet that isn’t the circumstance in the Ertiga. You sit at a fair height, and despite that, the headroom is satisfactory and shockingly the width is sufficient for two people. 

Boot Space 

The proportion of stuff space on offer is another inspiration to buy the Ertiga. You get 550-litres of room with the third-line fell, and regardless, when you put the third-section up, with the covers down, there is space to oblige a significant sack and two fragile packs with no issue. 

Easy to Drive 

The Ertiga is an easy-to-drive MPV. To be sure, it’s a seven-seater. However, from the driver’s seat, it feels close to as easy to drive as the Swift. It feels flexible, it doesn’t move much in the corners, and it’s entertaining to drive. Without a doubt, even around there, the limited estimations and mind-blowing detectable quality simplify it to drive and stop. 

Underpowered Engine

One factor that is hard to disregard while buying the Ertiga is its extremely normal engine decisions. For sure, the petrol powertrain has extraordinary low-end power, which simplifies it to cruise all over there. Regardless, out on the road, it feels short of breath. 

By then, there’s the customized gearbox decision, which has just four speeds, and in the domain of CVTs and twofold handle automatics, it essentially doesn’t cut it. There’s moreover the diesel one, which, in all honesty, is showing its age. It’s boisterous. Surely, it has the punch, and yet it has a lot of slack, which makes it difficult to cruise all over there. 

Inside Quality 

Within quality is fairly a let-down and one more inspiration driving why one should do whatever it takes not to buy the new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Regardless of the way that it’s not such a significant issue for a vehicle that costs more than Rs 13 lakhs (on-road Mumbai), we expect that it ought to be fairly better. 

You don’t get any sensitive plastics, and especially when you go lower-underneath, it’s to some degree hard and grainy. In this way, it isn’t just about as dependable as it should be. 

There are not a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t acknowledge the Ertiga. You get a vehicle that meets most MPV buyers’ suspicions at an extraordinary worth. It has got its obscenities at this point they aren’t adequately colossal to be significant issues.

2. Mahindra Bolero 

In any case, what Mahindra neglected was to develop the Bolero with time. Furthermore, accordingly, it today feels nearly dinosaur-like in the horde of metropolitan SUVs. In its BS6, and perhaps last symbol before it develops, we take it for a drive to see which simple part of the Bolero is a flat out must for it to hold its sturdiness, and which ones ought to have advanced over the most recent 20 years. 


It is the lone vehicle in India with a metal front guard. Furthermore, shockingly, Mahindra claims that it even meets the passerby assurance standards to stay operational out and about. Therefore, a minor accident, for the most part, twists the other vehicle’s bumpers while the Bolero’s metal guard itself can afterwards be effectively fixed, not supplanted. The headlamps get a cornering capacity also, a wonderful astonishment. 

Yet, while a metallic guard and a major back advance are things you can live with, there are parts of the Bolero that ought to have developed. Like, the receiving wire is as yet a manual collapsing unit put on the A column. The last time I saw one was on my granddad’s semiconductor. And afterwards comes the physically movable ORVMs. In 2021, Mahindra ought to have in any event given a type of an inward change, regardless of whether it is the stick-manual one. These viewpoints cause the Bolero to feel old and overlooked. 

Interior design and quality

Mahindra has attempted to stay up with the latest with time, yet in a Bolero way. This implies that while the simple dials cleared a path for a computerized instrument bunch and surprisingly the middle support later included admonition lights and a little showcase, these were barebones essential. The advanced speedometer and tachometer are fairly little and the orange backdrop illumination feels anything besides premium. 

You do get a capacity in the middle comfort alongside cupholders and a 12V charger for some common sense. However, the glove box is minuscule and the driver entryway pocket can just hold one jug and a few papers. 

Boot Space 

The two back bounce seats of the Bolero are set in the boot. This implies either two individuals (ideally children) or baggage can consume that space at a time. Also, if individuals do choose to consume that space, there are no safety belts to keep them set up, or AC vents to keep them cool, notwithstanding the windows being fixed glass. 

Engine Upgrades

In the last update, the Bolero was hacked down to 4-meters at the expense of its erupted guards and another 1.5-litre diesel was plonked in to save charges. This new symbol was known as the Bolero Power Plus. In the BS6 update, just this design is currently accessible in the setup with the motor getting an update. Mahindra’s three-chamber mHawk D75 1.5-litre diesel motor produces 76PS of force and 210Nm of force and comes mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

Execution numbers don’t support the Bolero. With a tried 0-100kmph season of 23.46 seconds, it is the slowest vehicle we have tried at CarDekho ever. In any case, you won’t ever feel this on your drives as you are infrequently on max speed. 

Ride quality 

It figures out how to pad inhabitants well from the blemishes of the street. It goes over speed breakers gracefully and giggles at potholes. Notwithstanding, this is genuine for the most part for the front seat. The centre column travellers will feel some criticism coming from the back leaf springs. Also, concerning the third line travellers, the ride will feel very fun. 

Aside from the powertrain experience which has been refreshed with time, the Bolero feels like a 20-year-old SUV being assembled today. The metal outwardly, plastics within and the sheer absence of lodge comforts implies it can just suit the crowd that needs the Bolero for its straightforward and tough allure. 

3. Renault Triber 

A vehicle that we feel has re-imagined the little vehicle portion. Furthermore, we say that because, although it is evaluated like any semblance of the Maruti Suzuki Swift and the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios, the Triber can situate seven. Also, if seating seven doesn’t brighten your day, well you have a five-seater with a boot sufficiently large to disgrace any semblance of the full-fat Range Rover. 

However, a family vehicle should accomplish something beyond seat individuals and take baggage around. Here at that point, are five things that make the Triber a decent purchasing alternative, and two that may make you need to reexamine. 

Savvy Engineering 

As we said, this can situate seven or can swallow more gear than you can pack. Furthermore, it deals with the politeness of shrewd design. First off, it sits on a wheelbase that is nearly as long as the Duster, and truth be told longer than the Hyundai Creta. At that point, you have the wheels, which are practically directly at the edges. What’s more, the actual firewall is almost level with the front wheel. No big surprise, sitting in the Triber is more similar to being in a collaborating space than being pressed tight as can be in a Mumbai nearby. 

Useful Cabin 

Yet, the Triber doesn’t simply score well on space with regards to its insides. It additionally has perhaps the most useful lodges we have seen. Furthermore, not only for its group. You get two glove boxes, and both are truly usable. The front entryway pockets are huge and planned well to hold huge jugs. You get two-deck stockpiling on the front focal comfort and there are cup holders for the front two inhabitants too. 

As far as security, the RXZ get four airbags, however completely implied for the front two inhabitants, which is somewhat senseless. Another wellbeing unit incorporates, ABS, EBD, and flexible headrests for four inhabitants. 

Simple to drive 

To the extent of riding and taking care of the go, Renault has arrived at a decent trade-off with the Triber. Regardless of which column you are situated in, the ride stays level. It doesn’t flounder or collide with sharp knocks, and it doesn’t feel fragile or free on inadequately surfaced streets all things considered. We will not terminate the ride extravagantly, however, it’s agreeable. 


The Triber in this specific RXZ trim costs Rs 7.7 lakhs out and about in Mumbai. However, it begins at under Rs 6 lakhs, and this for a usable, reasonable, agreeable seven-seater. Not awful by any means! That is short of what one pays for both the Grand i10 Nios and the Swift. What’s more, indeed, that is less expensive than even the Wagon R in VXI trim.

The Engine Needs Pep 

Honestly, if you will be driving around there, doing combating unpredictable traffic, or making a rushed scramble to the air terminal promptly toward the beginning of the day to drop off your parents in law, the Triber’s one-litre, the three-chamber motor will feel fine. It’s not the most energizing or the most impressive it makes somewhat over 70bhp and somewhat under 100Nm of pinnacle force. However, if you are reasonable with the choke it’s okay. 

Uproarious Drive 

You can hear the Triber’s motor consistently. Also, it’s a whiny sounding motor as opposed to being a guttural thing. 

In any case, except if you fire it up to 3,000-3,500rpm, the Triber feels languid. In this way, the least Renault might have improved protection for the lodge. Furthermore, I say that since you can likewise hear the suspension over terrible streets even though you can’t feel it so much. 

There’s no uncertainty. The Tribe is an incredible incentive. Think of you as taking its space or you take reasonableness or even plan and visual allure, the Tribe possesses a great deal of it. It rides well as well, regardless of the surface of where you may be situated. It is not difficult to drive around there, kindness is light control. 

Presently, its little motor represents a few burdens. For example, with a full heap of individuals, one needs to work with the fires up and grasp a piece to hurry up. However, indeed, get it for its space, its reasonableness and its worth, and not for its exhibition.

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