Agri tourism

Agri tourism

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Agri tourism

Agri tourism is a special travel industry-based startup from India that furnishes individuals with the experience of genuine farming in the town. India is a nation connected with horticulture, where the greater part of individuals does cultivate, it deals with the economy of India like agribusiness. So this agritourism startup will achieve new thinking in horticulture in India.

Agri Tourism attempts to work on the voyager’s insight and to feature the genuine excellence of India. This novel startup consolidates a mix of agribusiness, and country settings and gives the travel industry experience in farming.

It associates the traveller with the immediate rancher, there is no centre man in it. This helps the sightseers and ranchers. Agritourism deals with the food and conveniences of the travellers remaining in the town. This startup assists the traveller with carrying on with the existence of the town.

Pandurang Taware is the organiser of Agri Tourism, he began this interesting travel industry idea. Pandurang and his significant other run this startup. This startup was begun in 2003, presently it has been 17 years. The author has a place with a PC foundation, he has finished his PC degree in Pune. requested 50 Lakhs for 5% and the total assets is 40 crores.

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