Bajaj Pulsar NS200 – Specification and features

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The Pulsar 200NS is the cruiser which reworked what 200cc section bikes ought to resemble. Introductory motivation for the 200NS’s plan appeared to have been taken from the littlest Pulsar, the Pulsar 135LS. In any case, with the most recent facelift, the Pulsar 200NS bears an energetic look, with every one of the new decals and the matte paint wraps up. Car Dealer Services utilizes car sales reps to sell their auto vehicles. Car dealer services might likewise give upkeep administrations to vehicles, and utilize auto specialists to stock and sell spare car parts and cycle guarantee claims.

The huge, to a great extent dark ‘200’ decal on the tank cover adds detail and character to the cruiser. The Pulsar 200NS isn’t by and large a sharp bike, however, all things being equal, has solid bends at all the correct spots. The little cowl, situated under the motor makes for a fascinating little detail and is the solitary part in the plan of the cruiser which advances sharpness. 

BAJAJ PULSAR NS200 Motor And Execution  

The Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is controlled by a 199.5cc, fluid cooled, the single-chamber motor with a most extreme force yield of 23.17bhp at 9,500rpm and a pinnacle force yield of 18.3Nm at 8,000rpm. The back tire is chain-driven through a 6-speed gearbox. 

The cruiser is equipped for speeding up from 0-100kmph in 9.83 seconds and will proceed to contact a maximum velocity of simply over 136kmph. One impression that can be detracted from riding the Pulsar 200NS is that, the motor is fire up cheerful, on the grounds that it remains spread smoothly all through the fire up range. Speed increase as well, as the sorts call attention to, is energetic, and a need to keep moving can be felt. 

Despite the fact that the motor is generally based on that of the KTM Duke 200, the force conveyance is more direct and smooth rather than the frantic race to the fire up limiter felt on the KTM. 

BAJAJ PULSAR NS200 Eco-friendliness 

The triple-sparkle innovation helps here, as it has expanded ignition proficiency and better ride-capacity at low fires up has additionally added to productivity. The Pulsar 200NS returns 30kmpl while being ridden in and out of town, and 40kmpl when out on the expressway. A normal mileage of 35kmpl is decent, given that it utilizes a high-pressure 200cc motor. 

BAJAJ PULSAR NS200 Significant Highlights  

The Pulsar 200NS was the cruiser which launched the moderate 200cc motorcycling portion in India. Henceforth, it is the incentive for-cash factor that is the main component of this cruiser. 

It likewise includes top tier slowing down, with a 280mm circle in advance and a 230mm plate at the back. The best element however must be Bajaj’s licensed triple-flash innovation, which appeared on the 200NS. 

BAJAJ PULSAR NS200 Decision 

The Bajaj Pulsar 200NS began an insurgency of sorts, and brought low-limit superior motorcycling to the majority, at a moderate cost. 

However, Bajaj needed to bring the NS200 back, as the request didn’t die down even a long time after creation was halted. In its present symbol, the NS200 looks in excess of anyone’s imagination, and deals of the cruiser doesn’t appear to back off in spite of the appearance of new rivalry.

Most recent reports on Bajaj Pulsar NS200 

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

Bajaj Auto has expanded the costs of the BS6 Bajaj Pulsar NS200 by Rs. 2,219. This is the third time the bike is getting a value climb, since it was dispatched in April 2020. The BS6 Bajaj Pulsar NS200 was dispatched in April 2020 for Rs. 1.25 lakh (ex-display area, Delhi). The Pulsar NS200 is at present estimated at Rs. 131,219 (ex-display area, Delhi). In May 2020, the cruiser got a value climb of Rs. 3,000 while in July 2020, the bicycle had a cost increment of Rs. 1,000. 

Aside from the value climb, there could be no different changes made to the cruiser. The Bajaj Pulsar NS200 keeps on being controlled by a BS6 agreeable 199.5 cc single-chamber motor that accompanies the organization’s triple-flash innovation. The motor is fuel-infused and is tuned to make 24 bhp at 9,700 rpm and fosters a pinnacle force of 18.5 Nm at 8,000 rpm. 

Bajaj Auto delivered a video of its new advertising effort a month ago, showing two riders on a Pulsar NS200 pulling stunts. The recognizable thing was the new shading plan on the Bajaj Pulsar NS200. The bicycles were done in red, highly contrasting. The bodyboards are red, the motor is passed out and the compound wheels are done in white. The new shading plan loans an energetic look to the cruiser.

History of Bajaj Pulsar NS200:

“Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the spirit.” This is the thing that makes cruisers so unique. India has seen a noticeable interest for such machines from seemingly forever. The first-historically speaking bicycle to arrive at our shores was the Regal Enfield Shot 350. From that point onwards, there are numerous organizations that have made their essence felt. One such is Bajaj Auto. Also, quite possibly the most renowned bicycle from the organization is the Bajaj Pulsar. The bicycle known as the quickest Indian has been for around 19 years. We should investigate where everything began. 

2001 – Where everything began 

Legend Honda had a solid presence in the Indian market around then. To make things more slanted towards it, the organization dispatched a section level 150cc bicycle, the CBZ. It turned into a moment hit. Bajaj being a rival in the market needed to carry its a-game into the field. This is the place where the Bajaj Pulsar comes in. 

2003 – Famous Headlamps are presented 

Both the variations of the bicycles became fruitful, however, the 180cc was all the more impressive. In 2003, Bajaj chose to give them redesigns. First goes the round retro headlamps which were supplanted by the twin headlamps. 

2005 – The 180 gets an all-dark topic 

Till now, the Pulsar 150 and 180 used to appear to be identical. Yet, Bajaj chose to give the two of them an alternate look so that individuals can separate between both of the twins. The major obvious prompt was the blacked amalgam wheels in the 180 which were as yet dim in the Pulsar 150. Both the bicycles got the renowned twin-drove strip tail lights at the back. 

2007 – Bajaj 200Fi is presented 

The new Bajaj Pulsars and the quickest ones till now showed up in 2007. The Pulsar 200 and Pulsar 220-Fi were dispatched. 

The Pulsar 200 shared a ton for all intents and purposes to the more established pulsars as far as plan, however, what it changed was the amazing motor which was producing 18hp of force. 

2009 – Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Dispatched 

With the expanding prevalence of passage level bicycles, Bajaj chose to dispatch an all the more little motor fueled Pulsar to give the trick rush to the ones who needed a bicycle for regular riding as well. So the 135 LS was dispatched. The LS was the abbreviation for Light Games. It turned into a decent alternative for those requiring a bicycle for the everyday drive but have a vibe of a games bicycle. 

2012 – Bajaj Pulsar 200NS (Stripped Games) presented 

Bajaj at this point had joined forces with KTM consequently something was preparing up in the production lines for the clients. Furthermore, this something came out to be the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS. The motor was fit for creating 23hp of force and 18Nm of force. The bicycle had a mono-stun suspension and the styling was all the more exposed, following the KTM tech. 

2015 – Pulsar Experience Sports (AS) presented

There were three bicycles added to the Pulsar setup this year. One was the Pulsar AS200 which supplanted the 220F as it was getting obsolete. The AS200 was fundamentally the NS200 with another front belt. The AS in the name represents Experience Sports. 

Another AS dispatched for this present year was the Pulsar AS150. Be that as it may, this specific bicycle couldn’t convey the genealogy of Pulsar and the NS200 was restored. 

The significant bicycle that came in was the Pulsar 200RS, the Race Sports (Subsequently RS) version of the Pulsar. The bicycle looked as though it came straight out of a Transformers film. Since, goody gumdrops a lot of cumbersome plans and stickers all around the bicycle. It was the new quickest Indian in the town as it could contact high rates of over 150kmph. 

So this is the manner by which the Pulsar has shown up with over very nearly 20 years of rush. As of late, the entire Bajaj Pulsar arrangement was outfitted with BS6 agreeable motors.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Master Survey 

Bajaj auto has rolled out some vertical improvements in the costs of Bajaj Pulsar NS200. There has been a third cost expansion in this bicycle model. It was dispatched in 2020. It was then evaluated at 1.25 lakh, ex-display area Delhi. Presently it is valued at Rs. 1,31,219. 

There hasn’t been any other change in the bicycle aside from that it has got two shading variations since its past refreshes, Plasma Blue (in Silk Get done with) having white shading Compound Haggles Red (in Matte completion). This bike is BS6 consistent and there is a solitary chamber motor. There is an innovation of triple sparkle. The motor has got fuel infusion. The force of 24 bhp accompanies 9700rpm. At the pinnacle force of 18.5 Nm there is a revolution of 8000rpm. There is a 6-speed gearbox. 


The RS200 is set in opposition to any semblance of Yamaha R15, Honda CBR 150R, and KTM RC200. This bike looks greater than those three. The bike has gotten popular for some odd reasons, for example, its particular looking work on the body that streams down. It would seem that I have a huge nose. Its headlamps will help you to remember Yamaha R1. 

Drive Insight:

The speed goes over 140km/h. There are vibrations that you can feel at maximum velocity. On lower outfits, the vibrations are more than that on the higher pinion wheels. Contrasted with different bicycles of a similar class, it has higher speed. The vibrations can be felt by your hands grasping the handlebar when the bicycle is cruising at fast. It doesn’t feel good or simple. 


This cruiser turns the corner very smoothly, without allowing you to feel anything anxious. The tires have such measurements and make them offer a lot more noteworthy street grasp and security. The lean points can be overseen by the bicycle simply because of this specific element. There is an ABS slowing mechanism in certain variants and it gives you extra wellbeing.

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