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Bakarmax is an activity and funny studio included in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 19, its originator is Sumit Kumar. This Bakarmax has come to Shark Tank India to take subsidising for the development of his organisation and he has requested ₹35 lakhs in return for 5% value of his organisation.

This organisation makes funnies and movements on its site and the client appreciates it a ton. He has made numerous interesting funnies on his site like government, religion, social subjects, and so forth

While Sony TV could run the scissors over Shark Tank India and conceal individuals hitting out at the adjudicators after being criticised by them, they can’t control what occurs outside the domain of their channel. Furthermore, Bakarmax Founder Sumit Kumar was in no mood to accept affronts from BharatPe Founder Ashneer Grover without a fight with the Founder of Bakarmax transferring a video on Twitter, one where he’s seen tearing into Grover.

Sumit who had shown up on the show for interest in his comic movement organisation Bakarmax was spread by Grover who investigated every possibility to hit out at Sumit. Consistent with his irritable ways, Grover was seen offering no appreciation to the coarseness, cleverness, and constancy of Sumit with him discussing how he accepted Submit sat under his bed and snickered at his funnies.

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