Best 10 New iOS 15 Features On Iphones

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iOS 15 Features You Should know About :

The new version of iOS 15 comes with all-new features. If you are searching whether it is worth updating or not then here we are providing you some information about new features that can clear your mind for the iOS 15 version.

  1. FaceTime ( Android and Web Based)  :

iOS 15 landed for the first time, FaceTime is getting bigger with non-Apple devices and those who are using Android and PCs can join FaceTime also. 

If you are an Apple device user, and you want to make a FaceTime with someone who has Android, PC, or any other compatible option, you just open the FaceTime app and go through the “create a link” option and make a “room” that anyone can join form any devices.

You can create the link for FaceTime and invite other people through sharing the link with a text message, email, and any other means. That person directly joins FaceTime with a click on a link and enters their name. FaceTime link creators need to approve people’s access, so no one can enter in meetings without permission. Here, necessary things are a web browser and device with a camera and microphones to enter in FaceTime.

  1. Notification Focus :

 If you have installed more applications on your device and give permission for notification, you might have thousands of notifications in a day, many of which are not urgent. With the Notification Summary feature, users can set specific times for their unimportant notifications to be pop-ups, such as in the user’s free time, holding off users from being disturbed all day. Significant, time-sensitive notifications avoid Notification Summary, but things like Instagram likes, game pop-ups, news alerts, and other similar notifications can be saved for a time that’s best for users.

  1. Tab Groups:

Before, launching the iOS 15 features the team been a lot of discussions on the safari’s new design. With the new feature Tab Groups, users can save all of their open tabs into a folder and whenever need opens them back up later.

If users are planning a trip to a new place, have a few websites users use often for work, or just want to do something like saving the menus of the user’s favorite restaurants, users can do that with Tab Groups.

How to Change Bottom  Safari browser app Address bar in iOS 15?

Setting > Safari > Tabs > Single Tab

iOS 15 Safari Tab Setting
iOS 15 Safari Tab Setting

With this new tab group, users can change the safari address bar for more user-friendly. Users go with setting select safari, after that go with Tab and select single Tab. With this setting the user sets all Tabs in one folder and whenever needs that tab user can activate them.

  1. Offline and On-device Siri:

Most Siri requests are now handled on the device instead of being avoided back to Apple’s servers, which makes ‌Siri‌ faster and more secure.

On-device ‌Siri‌ is permitted through the Neural Engine and is on top of iPhones and iPads equipped. Due to a lot of ‌Siri‌ commands are dealt with on a device, many ‌Siri‌ requests now work offline. You can create and disable timers and alarms, launch apps, control audio playback, and access Settings with no connectivity.

  1. Live Text:

When the users watch an image in Photos format, preview a photo going to take with the Camera app, or view a photo on the web if there’s text in that photo, the ‌iPhone‌ and the ‌iPad‌ will now identify the text. Users will see a little box with three lines of text whenever text is recognized, and users can tap it to see all of the text in the image highlighted.

  1. Drag and Drop: 

iOS 15‌ keeps it up with cross-app drag and drop, so users can seize images and highlighted text parts, files, and more with a finger and then drag them from one app to another.

If users have a Safari link, users want to share it, for example, users can long-press on it and drag it with the help of a finger. Holding that finger on the display users can swipe to exit Safari and open another app like Messages, where users can drop the link to send it to someone.

  1. Health-App Trends:

A new Trends section in the Health app lets users keep an eye on all of their health trends over time so users can see at a glance if you’re exercising less, if their heart rate shifts if their oxygen levels drop, and more.

  1. Find a device:

With the Find My Network, the Find My app in iOS 15 can be used to locate devices that are turned off or that have been erased, which will make it easier to find lost devices and harder for thieves to hide stolen devices.

If a device that was stolen has been turned off or if it was low on battery and has died, it can still be tracked when it’s close to another Apple device that’s active.

Similarly, an ‌iPhone‌ that’s been stolen and then erased is still going to show up in the ‌Find My‌ app and it will be trackable even after it’s been wiped, which wasn’t the case in earlier versions of iOS.

  1. Built-in authenticator:

In the Passwords section of the Settings app, users can now save two-factor verification codes right alongside their username and password, so users no longer need a secondary app like Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication.

  1. Upgrade Translation: 

Translate is now system-wide, so any text that users select anywhere in iOS can be translated to or from another language. This Translator supports Arabic, Chinese, English (UK and US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish language.

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