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Colour Me Mad

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What ended up Colour Me Mad in the shark tank

Colour Me Mad is an afoot tech organisation and they make elite muscular foot bottoms. They have sent off redid footwear which you can make shortly, you will be astonished to realise that this will be the first time in Quite a while.
Colour Me Mad shoes are made with a plug, which is great for your stance and comfort as well. In addition, the all-normal material is a gesture to Mother Earth and supportable living. From back-peddles to comfortable shoes, there’s a lot to browse in their web-based store that delivers their items all around the country.¬†
They are accessible in monochromatic and flower plans, you can have a stylish pair of heels that don’t give you back issues and lower leg torment. Each pair of shoes is carefully assembled giving solace to the most noteworthy need. Also, that is the reason plug is the material of decision, as a breathable and solid medium shapes itself around your foot. Costs start from upwards of INR 995. They have requested Rs40 Lakhs for 10% Equity and the valuation from their organisation is Rs4 Crores.

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