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Evergreen Hairstyles For The Wedding Seasons

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Wedding bells are ringing throughout the year. These seasons always bring a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. It is a time where we all have a chance to dress over the top and show the people around us, how beautiful we actually are. Even though beauty is something that comes from the inside, there is no harm in making yourself look beautiful from the outside too. Even though the wedding might not be ours, we all usually like to dress up well, either to make ourselves look special or else to make a few heads turn on the wedding day.

Earlier, during the 90s generation, large bun hairstyles with winged eyeliners were the wedding trend at that time. Who can forget seeing Madhuri Dixit’s lehenga sarees with those beautiful curly hairstyles? Later came the K3G trend where most girls dressed like Kareena Kapoor’s iconic poo character and danced on ” Bole Chudiyan”. Recently a new trend of wearing straight parting hair updos with minimal ear jewellery and heavy choker necklace has begun.

Style is always changing with time. Some people follow trends, while some stand out as trendsetters. Across the globe, no matter which culture and religion you follow, a wedding is always a very special occasion. Whether it is your wedding or someone else’s wedding, wedding seasons are always exciting. It is the time when you can let your creativity and imaginations fly high.It is the time when you can experiment with new makeup and hair updos.

How many of the traditional attires like heavy work sarees, lehengas, salwar suits are lying in the cupboard for ages? most of them would not even fit us anymore. It is funny how we don’t spend a lot of money on the daily outfits that we wear for work but spend a fortune on the wedding outfits which we hardly wear once or twice. Anyways, as long as these outfits, expensive makeup, and hairstyles make you feel special on those special occasions, it will always be money well spent.

We all scroll through Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest pictures where we see a large variety of wedding makeup and hairstyling ideas. We see the wedding pictures of our favourite celebrities and ping some of our favourite looks so that we can try them out for our special occasions.

What makes a wedding guest look or a wedding look complete? makeup, hair accessories, jewellery, footwear, wedding outfit, and of course the hairstyle. We usually worry about getting the right outfit, jewellery, makeup, etc but we often neglect the hair aspect. A hairstyle can either make or break your look. It is essential to pick the right hairstyles as a lot of factors depend on them. Most of the time your hairstyle decides the kind of jewellery or makeup you are going to wear on that special occasion. So, getting a little aware of what kind of hairstyles are in-store will help you get a better put-together look for this special occasion.

If you are someone who is going to attend a wedding or if you are someone having your wedding coming up, then you might have already started your surfing. you might have already scrolled through Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat pictures searching for that one picture, that will look kind of your style and can easily be replicated. you might also have pinned a few wedding looks that you will choose from and are confused about selecting one of them.

If you are also one of those confused souls who are unable to find what kind of hairstyle you are going to pull off and are also unaware of the kind of look you will go for, then you are at the right place.

Here are some evergreen classic hairstyles that you can try in this wedding season.

elegant bun:

Wedding hairstyle twisted bun

This is a popular hairstyle and I am sure you have thought about this one. The elegant bun has recently become a very common hairstyle among celebrity weddings. This would be an apt hairstyle if you are the bride because this hairstyle not only looks elegant but is also hassle-free. On your wedding day, the last thing you would worry about will be your hairstyle As this doesn’t disturb your makeup or jewellery. If you are attending as a wedding guest, you can still pull off an elegant bun by keeping your makeup, jewellery, and outfit minimal.

what can you pair it with?

By choosing this elegant bun for your wedding, you can pair it with some heavy earrings like Jhumkas. You can wear a no-makeup makeup look, by keeping all your shades neutral. You can also add flowers like mogra, carnations, roses, around it to highlight your hair updo. Don’t forget to contour your face or at least bronze it up, to give you are a more chiselled look. Wear no to minimum neckpieces with a simple maang tikka if you wish. This will complete your hair look.

waved bun or messy bun:

This bun has recently come into the limelight. You can have a beachy wave curl with a bun updo. This will make your hair more voluminous and lively. You can also leave some strands of your hair open after curling them. This will create a messy bun look. You can also add flowers to this hairstyle, but be sure not to add a lot of them as it would make this bun even more messier and might make you feel uncomfortable. You can add carnations or mogra to it.

what can you pair it with?

As you are pulling off your messy bun, I would suggest you go for a neutral, pinky toned makeup where you are accentuating your eyes. You can also wear a small mang tikka with no earrings. You can also pair this up with a matching choker. This would give a nice put-together look. This hairstyle will be ideal for a wedding guest look more than a wedding bride looks, as it is not only minimal but also elegant and a well thought of look.

beach waves:

Are you a bride who wants to look carefree and effortless on your wedding day? then this is an ideal look for you. This is also ideal for a wedding guest look by just changing your jewellery and makeup preferences. Beachy waves are a vibe on their own. It gives you the impression of being relaxed and stress-free.

what can you pair it with?

If you are the bride, then I will suggest you go for a smokey eye look, with medium-sized Jumkas and a matching choker necklace. You can also go for a simple Maang tikka with a small Jhumka and you can complete the look with stacked necklaces and a choker. If you are attending the wedding, go for a pink tone look with a stacked necklace and studs for your ears. You can also go for a winged eye look. This will accentuate your beachy curl look.

traditional braids:

If you are a traditional south Indian bride, then this will be appropriate for you. This hairstyle is as comfortable as the elegant bun and will keep you comfortable throughout your wedding. If you are a wedding attendee, then I will suggest you try other kinds of braids instead of the plain braid, but if you want to pull off your look with a plain braid then you can do so by pairing them with appropriate accessories.

what can you pair it with?

If you are the bride, then you can use flowers like Mogra, carnations, lily or even roses to accentuate your look. You can add a heavy piece of Maang tika, which might run across your hairline. You can also add small Jumkas with matching chokers and stacked long necklaces. You can have well-defined eyebrows with heavy eye makeup, with winged eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow. Go for a neutral shade of lipsticks and blushes to balance the complete look. If you are the attendee, you can wear heavy Jhumkas with a minimal necklace. You can either have a smokey eye look or a winged black eye with a neutral lip and bluish tint.

The waterfall braid:

This is a unique kind of braid that will be apt for an unconventional and subtle wedding. This look will be more suitable for a wedding attendee rather than a bride. You can get this hairstyle either by calling suitable beauty services or by referring to a tutorial. This hairstyle will give a modern and refreshing outlook. Brides who are planning to wear lehengas or gowns for their wedding will find this as an apt look. The beauty of this hairstyle is the stunning waterfall effect created by your hair strands.

what can you pair this up with?

Brides wearing white gowns can pair this up with a few carnations in between your braid or they can also use a veil with a flower hairband on top. a neutral, pinky-toned,no-makeup makeup look will be apt for this look. You can add simple diamond studs and a modest silver or diamond necklace to accentuate your look. You can also stack a lot of silver neckpieces if your outfit has a lower neckline. This look will surely make you look like a goddess!

For a wedding attendee, this look will be perfect for any kind of outfit. You can complete this look with a heavy earring and neutral tone makeup.

A centre-parted straight hair look:

This is a more modest, simple, and is rather a more official look. This look can be apt for a bride who wants a more simple, intimate wedding. This is a hassle-free hairstyle. This is a very simple yet elegant hairstyle. All you need to do is to make your hair look super straight .

After that, you only need to center part of your hair. You can use hair gels, sprays to keep your hair sleek and put together. This hairstyle will be apt for brides looking for reception or engagement hairstyles. But this hairstyle is difficult to maintain as it can easily get frizzy and look like a disaster. So, to avoid this ensure that your hair is frizz-free and that you are using good hair setting products.

what can you pair this up with?

If you are the bride, you can wear a medium-sized earring with a heavy neckpiece or a choker. You can also add a simple maang tikka if you feel like it. Further, accentuate this look with heavy eye makeup and neutral lip and cheek tint. You can also go for a winged eye look with a classic red lip. For a wedding attendee, this will be an apt look if they are attending weddings officially. They can pair this hairstyle with a suit, or a saree with minimal to no earings and a heavy traditional choker, this look will give you a sense of power and authority. You can complete this look with neutral makeup.

So these are some of those iconic, evergreen wedding hairstyles with some makeup tips that every woman should know. This article provides you with a complete look that can go with the mentioned hairstyle so that you can confidently pull off your desired hairstyle. They will also fulfil your desire of clicking a lot of those candid pictures you have saved and dreamt of taking.

Always remember to choose outfits and hairstyles which make you feel like yourself. This does not mean that you don’t step out of your comfort zone. This only means that you need not imitate someone, even though you don’t feel like yourself in that look.

Fashion is a personal affair. It showcases your Inner personality. It is a means of communicating your thoughts and feeling to others. Keep this is a personal and intimate affair. Trends may come, trends may go, but what doesn’t change is you. You are the only constant in your life. So, learn to accept and love yourself the way you are.

Sometimes, the wedding looks might not turn out or look good on you as it looked on some celebrities and influencers this is because we all have unique bodies, shapes, and features. So try and figure out which look is apt for you, instead of hating and weeping on the way you look . You are pretty just the way you are!

Hope this article guides you to choose the right hairstyle and rock this wedding season.

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