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Gopal 56

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What Befell Gopal 56 After Shark Tank India?

This Gopal 56 is India’s first frozen yoghurts and shake brand which was begun in 1983 in New Delhi. Gopal 56 is an exceptionally large frozen yoghurt brand in India at present, which has opened its outlets in many provinces of India lately.

The market worth of frozen yoghurt in the worldwide market is $97,301 million. Frozen yoghurt is loved a lot in each country. Kids like to eat frozen yoghurt the most, it is the most noteworthy deal in the late spring season.

Gopal 56 is a Global Popular Ice Cream and Shake Brand. It produces various kinds of Ice cream and Shakes. Individuals of the city region know this Gopal 56 frozen yoghurt brand, that far has become so well known in the town region.

Goal 56’s Founder Late Shri Dinesh Chand Goyal and his significant other, Late Smt. Rajni Devi Goyal. After the demise of his dad, this frozen yoghurt brand’s organiser and chief are Dr. Gaurav Goyal.

Author Gaurav Goyal, after being highlighted in Shark Tank India, requested ₹300 crores in return for 25% of his organisation’s portions. This is Shark Tank India’s very first high sum bargain. All India Sharks are very shocked by this proposal from the organiser.

Gopal 56 Ice Cream Brand After you in Shark Tank India, many individuals of India began knowing this brand. This brand has been advanced free of charge on Sony TV, many individuals are trying the frozen yoghurt of this brand right now and individuals additionally like it. In the wake of Appearing in Shark Tank India, there has been a development of 38% in the deal.

FounderDr Gaurav Goyal
Invested by
Social MediaInstagram, LinkedIn
IdeaFiber Ice Cream
Original Ask₹300 crores for 25% equity
DealNo Deals

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