How To Grow Website Visitors So Fast?

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When you ask someone in an interview what their hobbies are, they usually give you answers like singing, dancing, meditating, or reading books. When we hear a person say that he likes reading, we usually assume that the person has a great understanding of things around him. We also predict that the person is very intelligent. This probably might be the reason why people usually come up with reading as their hobby even though they might not have any interest or time to read.

What is reading? One person might say that he reads his coursebooks, so he is an enthusiastic reader. While another person may say that they like comic strips and that is why they love reading. On the other hand, some other person might read libraries of books and call himself an avid reader. In all cases, you can not deny what they are claiming. A person reading his school books is a reader. A person reading fashion magazines is a reader. A person reading a holy, religious book is also a reader. They are all readers, but the only difference is that they have different reading preferences.

A website is like a book, a book contains pages, and a website contains web pages. When you make a website, you are making it for all kinds of people.It should be inclusive to both readers and non-readers. You should suffice the needs of a non-reader who has come for some surface-level knowledge by simultaneously fulfilling the requirements of an enthusiastic reader.

What makes a search engine? Why is chrome one of the successful chrome engined in the world? How can it answer any kind of question we ask? Have you ever wondered about it? This is because of various websites present in it. Through email marketing services, you would have noticed regular notifications in your inbox promoting various websites. Websites are what make chrome the global search engine. There are lakhs of people creating websites on google all around the globe on the topics they feel people might be interested in. Some people make multiple websites that cover the same topic. You would have even seen a lot of website links through social media marketing where influencers, using their social media platform will promote a language, health, or any news-related websites. Some digital marketing companies make these websites visible and accessible to a wide range of consumers all around the globe. These websites keep posting content and these digital marketing services, email marketing services, and social media marketing services keep promoting them, which makes people aware of the probable information they can find on a particular website they are being promoted.

Earlier when people wanted any information, they usually would read books or ask anyone who is well-read and is experienced. Questions about your work, money, investments, and clothing are some topics that people ask others without any hesitation. But often people hesitate to ask others questions about their health, especially about mental health to others. We, most of the time, are unwilling to visit a doctor either because of insufficient money or else because of insufficient time. So we all surf about it on the internet. How many of us would have asked health-related questions in the search bar? We ask the search engines most of the questions which we feel awkward asking someone.

When we type our questions, the search engines pick up some keywords and match them with different websites. If any website matches the keyword, it shows that website as a suggested result. So that people looking for answers to their questions can easily click on these websites and find an answer. Every day millions of people ask questions in the web browser and so for them lakhs of websites, webpages are created every day. So much so that creating a website has become an occupation of many. If you are wondering how a website gets paid? I will clear your doubt. When you create a website for a particular browser, it is like you are creating an answer for a web search. When a person clicks on that website, the web browser notices it and pays the website depending on the number of people clicking on that website. So the more the number of people clicking on your website, the more the amount you are going to be paid.

So a website creator always wants a maximum number of people to click on his website. a website is usually created by a website creator and a website designer. A website creator is again subdivided into branches like a content writer. A website creator creates a website. a website designer decides the look of the website. He decides the different colour templates and fonts that will be used in the website. A content writer writes the information on that topic. All three play very important roles in making a website successful.

How can you increase your website visitors?

Before you get an answer to this question, think about why a visitor should click on your website? Think if you were a user searching for something on a website, what kind of website would you click? Also, do you know that the amount you get paid differs on the nationality of people clicking on the website? It also depends on the kind of content you are posting on your website. For example, a website posting content about education or skill development will be paid more per click than a website posting content for entertainment purposes.
So as you have your basic knowledge of how a website works and how a website should be developed, now I will tell you how you can increase your website visitors.

Be aware of what’s going around the globe:

According to the recent trend and topics, post content on your website. The trend keeps changing. As the trend changes, you need to collect information according to the trend and post it on your website before the trend fades out. For example when the covid-19 pandemic started people did not have enough information about it in the beginning. So there were millions of web searches related to the covid-19 pandemic. People wanted to know how it started? How was it discovered first? How does it spread? etc. So at that time if you would have been aware of the outbreak and would have been prepared for the content related to it then you would have got a lot of clicks from all around the globe. If you are someone who has a website related to entertainment then you need to be updated about the film industry like which new movies, popular actors have been cast into, or the film reviews of some recently launched movies. This will make your website appear whenever a person searches for anything related to that movie or that actor. Thus there will be a greater chance for you to get clicks.

Content is the king :

Make sure that your website has great content. Whatever topic you are writing about, see that the article is very easily understandable and informative, in whatever field you are writing. The content should be easily readable. you might get lured into writing sophisticated words that you would want to flaunt, but remember that language is just a means of communication. You can communicate the same information in simpler words also. ultimately, you just want people to understand what you are trying to provide them. Make the content seem like you are talking to the reader, this will further make the content interesting. it will make it seem like a conversation. This will make people remember and trust your website. So the next time they are searching something and if your website pops up, they will click on your website, as they are sure that they would not only get the required information but also they can easily consume it.

Make your website creative:

Web design

Here a website designer plays a major role. Make your website visually appealing. most of them visiting your website, might not like reading, they might find it boring to read the information present on your website if they don’t find it visually appealing. You can make it look interesting, by adding pictures and to-the-point subheadings. Choose font styles and sizes appropriately. Choose template colors that are appealing to the eyes. I will suggest you go for a modest color template that doesn’t have too many colors popping out. You want it to have a soothing appeal. This will persuade the reader to read the article until the end.

Choose a wide variety of keywords:

You need to know that the web searcher suggests your website based on the keyword your website contains. It matches the keywords present in your websites with the keywords asked in the question of the user. So make sure you use keywords that are related to your topic. Try to include as many keywords as possible related to your content. This will help you get listed in the recommended list which will increase the chances for people to click on your website.

Have a variety of the topics covered:

Have a large variety of topics covered on your website. Even though you want to keep your website specialized in a particular topic, I would recommend you to keep a variety of topics. When many varieties of topics are covered on your website, it will make your website get listed frequently. This will give you a lot of clicks in the long run.

Crisp content:

As I mentioned earlier, not many people like to read. the person reading the article on your website might not be in the mood of reading or maybe the content you have written may not interest him. As I said earlier, even people who claim to be interested in reading have their preferences. For example, a person who is enthusiastic about reading film-related news might not be interested in reading about the origin of the covid-19 virus, he might have just clicked on your website to find out what’s happening around the world. He might not be interested in understanding in-depth about the virus, so make sure that you highlight some of the main points in your article which he can easily find and gain surface-level knowledge about the situation. In the remaining part of your article(the non-highlighted part), you can go in-depth about the virus, its origin, what kind of virus it is? etc. by doing so you can attract both interested and non-interested users to your website

Be persistent:

Keep posting content frequently. You cannot dream of overnight success. If you keep writing relevant content persistently, your website will soon gain the recognition it deserves. Here is the list of successful websites in the world.Go through them, see the pattern of content they post.

Keep posting content tirelessly. All search engines have an algorithm. No one can manually select a website and suggest it for millions of users. If your website isn’t getting enough visitors, then it means that you are making some mistakes in your content due to which you are unable to catch the attention of the algorithms. Here is a small article that explains the algorithms. You can go through it and see if it develops your understanding of this topic.


Promote your website as much as possible. Contact a few digital marketing companies, asking them to make people aware of the contents of your website. There are so many websites having the same kind of content that, these days it is difficult for a website to showcase its individuality. In such a situation contacting digital marketing companies is ideal. Today is this world of technology, you will find a ton of mediums to promote your website, digital marketing is one of them. You can also try promoting through email marketing companies. You would have seen so many notifications of websites in your inbox. These messages lure us to click on this website. Many successful websites have sustained their popularity by email marketing services and quora is one of them. You will always find notifications from quora regarding their new posts. this is what email marketing services do. Nowadays, social media marketing is also playing a key role in promoting many websites. Let your websites get promotions in all the ways possible. Try marketing through digital marketing services, social media marketing, email marketing services, advertising through youtube and other influencers, etc. Here is an article on how you can promote your website. You can refer to it for a better understanding of some smart ways of promoting your website.

Build a loyal reader base:

Whenever you post content, let the user get notified about it. Through email marketing services this can easily be done as many websites have successfully promoted themselves through this means. You need to build a regular reader’s group, who can click and read the contents of your website regularly. Through social media marketing, find the platforms and channels which share the same kind of content as yours. For example, if your website posts about health-related information then find similar kinds of platforms through social media marketing services, as those platforms might already contain your target audience, and through marketing in such platforms, you can attract their audiences.

In the end, I would say that making a website is like nurturing a child. You need to constantly write, plan, design, and promote your website, to enjoy its fruits of success later. Be persistent and apply your efforts in the right direction.

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