How to reduce electricity consumption of your AC

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An air conditioning may be a device that gives heating and cooling to the air temperature. The aim of distributing the conditioned air to associate degree occupied areas like a building, house, or vehicle to enhance thermal comfort and indoor atmosphere quality commuting the air conditioners having poor IEQ (indoor atmosphere quality) with higher IEQ is the aim of this project.

On average, Americans spend 11 billion dollars each year on power to run air conditioners alone. Air conditioners take up about 5% of the overall electricity usage throughout the year, which is a huge amount since air conditioners typically aren’t used during the Fall or Winter. For states like Arizona, this amount could be even higher. From an environmental viewpoint, air conditioning produces 100 million tons of carbon dioxide that is released into the air each year. How can we solve this problem? New Technology With our ever-expanding world, new technology is constantly being created. One air conditioner contractor and a team of researchers have been working on a form of air conditioning that takes advantage of dry heat and humidity

The terms COP (coefficient of performance) and EER (energy efficiency ratio) describe the heating and cooling efficiency of air conditioners. They indicate the ratio of heating or cooling provided by a unit relative to the amount of electrical input required to generate it. Thus, if an air conditioner generates 5kW of heat from a 1kW electrical input, its COP is said to be 5.0. Similarly, if an air conditioner generates 5kW of cooling from a 1kW electrical input its EER is also said to be 5.0. The higher the COP and EER, the more energy-efficient is the equipment.

One air Conditioner set system is composed of two 2 parts: OUTDOOR INDOOR About 80% power is used by the compressor. In the OUTDOOR UNIT of Air Conditioner, Far Infrared – An experiential study in a Japanese University approved 9 thermometers installed in a room as shown (right) Target Temperature is set at 5o C (below graphic)

As anyone in the World Health Organization has seen their bill skyrocket within the summer can understand, your cooling system power consumption may be an enormous, unpredictable value. to undertake and perceive your prices, you’ll be able to begin together with your AC unit’s power rating (check the label on the compressing unit), which can tell you ways a lot of power it uses below excellent conditions. In reality, conditions square measure seldom as consistent as that.

There are several factors that have an effect on however economical your AC is and the way a lot of power it uses, together with age and condition of the unit, the layout of your area, style of the air ducts, however air-tight the area is, and after all the weather. That’s why conniving your expenses is rarely a definite science. And it also depends upon How to choose the best AC for your new home.

However, if you would like to induce a general plan of what proportion power you’re victimization, there are square measure on-line tools that will assist you to calculate cooling system electricity value. Here’s one you’ll be able to attempt.

If your goal is to reduce your air conditioner power consumption, must look for How to choose the best AC for your new home.

Here are some strategies and methods for you to keep your electricity bill under your control.


By circulating the cold or heat water through the pipes arrangement placed just below but attached with the roof at 0-degree orientation so that water will flow with high-pressure energy by using pumps and tanks which already exist in the building.



It’s handy to maintain your Air Conditioner at home itself or you can take the help of professionals who are usually one call away and would make the task no brainer for you with  AC Repair Services. For this, you need to assign the task to a reputed company and go through a background check about their procedure of work so that you can confidently assign them the task of  AC Services.

One of the most ideal approaches to verify that you spare some cash during summer is by verifying that your air conditioner is running smoothly. We scarcely attempt any endeavors to verify that the aeration and cooling system is fit as a fiddle and call a workman just when it comes up short. Any air conditioner that is not appropriately kept up can essentially expand your power bills in air conditioners.



Without any doubt get the channels of the cooling system cleaned before summer starts. Dusty channels affect the inflow of air into the aeration and cooling system in this manner making it work harder (devour more power) to get the indoor air. On the off chance that you are not mindful about the cleaning tips, you can contact air conditioner dealers to call upon ensured repairmen to do likewise for you.  Get a new one or just recycle the air conditioner refrigerant occasionally and get the condenser cleaned consistently to make the ventilating more powerful. You may call for expert help to do likewise.


Pay attention to system settings and verify that the ‘natural air’ vent is shut. ‘Outside Air’ vent is utilized to get the air outside into the room. However, as the aeration and cooling system lives up to expectations by cooling indoor air, opening the ‘natural air’ vent will get more hot air from outside into the room and the condenser will need to work tougher to cool it.  Interior lighting sources like TVs, computers, bulbs and all light discharging machines transmit heat. Verify that these gadgets are closed down when not being used, else they can expand ventilating burden. Truth be told, filament lights emanate a great deal of heat and can expand units devoured by the aeration and cooling systems.  Retain the right protection of the room where the ventilation system is mounted for efficacious cooling.


Keep the aeration and cooling system at a perfect temperature of 24-25 degrees for the perfect measure of cooling and power saving.  Don’t keep wall lights, television, computer, and other light-supplying gadgets close to the AC indoor regulator, as it will affect the best possible working of the indoor regulator and along these lines make the air conditioner work longer and devour more power.  Using a roof fan with a ventilation system helps in diminishing AC system load.  If you are still running an old air conditioner at home and have had it repaired several times, it is ideal to replace it with energy-effective BEE star-rated AC. It will be less expensive to purchase another new one than repairing and keeping up an old ventilation system that expends a considerable measure of power and money. Make sure, AC dealers in Delhi have good knowledge of it.


Keeping your air conditioner well-maintained can spare a great deal of power and can help you diminish a considerable measure of your power bills. So, do verify that you get your  AC Repair Services at the right time because summer has almost already hit your place.


Turn it up one degree

Could you tell the distinction between a space set at seventy-one degrees and a space set at seventy-two degrees? Neither might the majority. Therefore if you’re making an attempt to scale back energy use, strive to set your thermostat only 1 degree on top of wherever it might commonly be. it’ll facilitate your AC to run less oftentimes and use less power.

This application can get you within the habit of being attentive to what your thermostat is about to. cooling power consumption will increase tons for each degree on top of the temperature outside, therefore these tiny changes can add up within the long-standing time.

Make sure everybody in your geographical point of view is aware of your energy potency goals. begin by having a gathering to elucidate the steps you’ll be taking and the way everybody will contribute. You won’t be able to scale back cooling power consumption if you’re the sole one operating towards it. define any changes (such as a regular workplace temperature) or easy steps everybody will participate in.


Keep AC’s ducts clean and airflow clear

Your AC can use less power if it’s not troubled against dirty vents and blocked airflow. Keeping the vents and ducts clean can facilitate your cooling system running additional efficiently. make certain your article of furniture and space layout doesn’t block the vents likewise.


Schedule regular maintenance visits

The most essential part is AC Services. If you may see what AC technicians see after they return to service a neglected cooling, you’d perceive why regular maintenance is therefore necessary. cleanup the parts fix electrical connections, and exchange worn components create your system run a lot of with efficiency and use less electricity. In fact, studies show that air-con maintenance helps your unit to keep up to ninety-fifth of its original potency. Which is why you should always seek  AC Repair Services.


Upgrade to an energy-efficient air conditioner

If you’re within the market to switch your AC unit, don’t simply mechanically get the identical variety of systems you had before. Despite the fact that a brand new one is going to be additional energy economical, you will be ready to scale back your air conditioning power consumption more with a special variety of instrumentality.

For example, many sorts of homes and businesses will recuperate comfort conditions and better energy potency with a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. Most AC systems run at full power all the time. A VRF system adjusts to run at the capability required for these conditions. Plus, it may originate from several completely different zones in your area and even re-use residual heat from the cooling method to supply heat in different areas.

COP & EER may increase up to 8- 9.  They use 25% to 50% less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems.  It also improves humidity control by maintaining about 50% relative indoor humidity, making GHPs very effective in humid areas.  Geothermal heat pump systems allow for design flexibility.

To protect our planet as well as a human being from the adverse effects of air conditioners, we must have to go for green concepts which provide high COP & EER along with a fair environment.

Did you recognize you’ll upgrade elements on associate previous AC units to create it a lot more energy efficient? Retrofitting is a decent possibility if you aren’t able to upgrade to a more modern model. Their square measures some ways you’ll scale back your cooling system power consumption while not obtaining obviate your current AC, as well as adding a lot of ventilation, condenser fan controls, or commuting the mechanical device.

Retrofitting could also be a decent possibility for you if your system is employed plenty, uses plenty of power, and has been often maintained (so it’s still insensible condition). Retrofitting may be a sensible compromise to urge you to a number of the advantages of a more modern system while not investing an oversized total in an exceedingly total replacement.

If you’re within the market to switch your AC unit, don’t simply mechanically get a similar style of system you had before. Even if a brand new one is going to be a lot of energy economical, you’ll be able to scale back your cooling power consumption more with a unique style of instrumentality.

For example, A VRF system adjusts to run at the capability required for the present conditions. Plus, it is often found out to singly manage totally different zones in your house, and even re-use residual heat from the cooling method to supply heat in different areas. This good style means that the system uses less energy.

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