How to Succeed in Event Management?

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There are events happening around you all the time. On occasions, work meetings, trade fares and whatnot. Keeping in mind that today, everything should be Instagram worthy, people have stopped the banner and buntings and are looking for more creative personnel to take over the setup. So much so that event management in itself is such a mammoth business worldwide today, that people might get confused who to select for their work or function arrangements.

Event management is just a vast industry that helps in the planning and management of events as big as Global events and as minimal as Sunday brunches. The task of it is so hectic that sometimes event planners go days without sleepless nights. But that doesn’t mean that professionals in the field aren’t making successful progress into the business. Event organizer services that are renowned for their work earn hefty amounts and grow their clientele over a period of time. But there are some things that make them different from others. 


Event organizers are multi-functional individuals who practice their skills in various types of environments. These may be high-profile weddings, work meetings or fashion events. This gives them the exposure of managing different programs, people, and ambiance. The cost of these events also varies, which helps them in setting their targets differently, without altering the standard of their management and planning.

The stress around these events, be it organizers offering food and catering services or tour operators, is massive. This means in order to have it all under control, one must be prepared for anything. We here are going to help you understand and implement some of the tips and skills, that if you imbibe into yourself and the business, will increase your chances of being successful under all circumstances. 

But before diving into the secret mantras, let’s take a look at what aspects event organizer services look after while planning for any type of event –

  • Event Venue – The foremost thing to ascertain while drawing a blueprint for the event planning is the venue. Depending on the type of event you are organizing, it may be an offsite or onsite event. Ascertaining the venue before making any other plans is important as it takes a toll on your budget afterwards. The venue needs to be managed on the day of the event as well as prior to it. Security should be maintained and vigilance should not be minimized on any cost. Corporates generally hold events concerning meetings, product launches and event fares.
  • Sustainability – The trend ongoing in these times is to ensure that event managers plan their events sustainably. This means that only those products and methods are used during the course and setting up of the event which have minimal effect on the environment. This is also known as event greening. The businesses have a responsibility towards society and the environment. If they do not comply with these terms, their business may not be welcomed by the people or the corporates.
  • Technology – Updated technologies should be used to facilitate business proceedings and bookings. Developing apps for your organization to give your clients ease of access in dealing with your schedules will also help in increasing the success rate. The participants can commute with the organizers by means of email, in-built robotics communication, and FAQ section for their queries. Tour operators can offer online booking portals for the tour packages, with detailed itinerary and timings in order to ensure less chaos.


  1. Work on your Organization skills – 

A very imperative part of this business is to hone your organizational skills. If you’re not someone who has an experience of strategically organizing your work or life, this is a must to learn. There needs to be a process that your team should also be clear upon if you want your results to be great. Working in chaos might be habitual for some but it doesn’t always ensure that you end up with the desired product.

A successful planner organizes everything, right from the pre-event work to the post-event wrap-up. Do not take anything in the process for granted, focus on your punctuality when it comes to achieving targets. Apply this and you will be relieved of unwanted work stress.

  1. Understand your Work –

Working as a rookie under some event organizer will help you gain expertise of the work you’re about to do. But this environment is dynamic. Trends that were popular a decade ago are no longer welcomed by the audience. Hence, understanding how these things work is important.

Hiring the right kind of people is important. If you hire food and catering services that are not versatile with the cuisines they offer, it might not be a good show. The event needs to be analyzed closely. You need to make sure you offer realistic alternatives of your clients’ dream weddings and parties and implement them with good contacts in hand. This will also make you the talk of the town. 

  1. Negotiating and Budgeting Skills –

This business is one with heavy investments, hard working hours and emotionally draining. The life of a person dealing in event organization services is not all fun and parties. The workload and pressure are immense into getting the work done without any hassle. Thus, even if you are made to believe by the vendors that things are non-negotiable, don’t take their word for it.


It is likely that you might encounter unforeseen cost hikes in the duration of the event. Therefore, it is important to bargain to the lowest price of equilibrium with the vendors. Setting a budget that helps you profit will only come to life when negotiation is done with tact and confidence. You may not be a natural but a little bit of sass will help you get through. Be smart to use these contacts for the future as well.

  1. Communication – 

This aspect is the most important when it comes to event organizer services. Communication plays an important role, both for the organizer as well as the participant. The organizer is supposed to be a patient listener and a confident speaker, who can take over mammoth event arrangements tactfully. You need to converse with plethora of number of personnel responsible for various tasks.

Even if it is an online event on a digital platform, your communication matters. This reassures the participants when you follow up on all their demands and ideas and report the progress with effective prices. Negotiation with vendors comes easily to those who have a confident personality and make sure that create an impression of the experience.

  1. Leadership – 

Managing staff and hundreds of people is not an easy task. The final say in all the events remains with the planner. In such a dynamic and bustling environment, one should not deal with a submissive mindset. Instead, hold your position of authority in dominance. This doesn’t mean that you underestimate the efforts of your subordinates. Instead, a good leader is the one who binds the efforts of the team together in order to provide better results in the program.


Taking decisions at unforeseen circumstances, provisioning for any loss of property, or using cost-effective methods to increase profit margin, without deteriorating the quality of the work you do. A good leader may or not be naturally born as one but it is important that one tries to inculcate these mannerisms and skills in order to manage the workload at all times. 

  1. Going Digital –

As discussed above, technology has played immense role in shaping all kinds of industries and the work they do. Making sure you facilitate your participants with the luxury and ease of setting up meeting schedules, querying as well as responding to their queries is what makes event organizer services successful. Gone are the days when physical meeting every other day were important to ensure and track the progress of your work. Going digital provides the businesses with an opportunity to expand their reach and host their clients more effectively. Some of the ways in which this can be facilitated is –

  • App development for business to increase connectivity and communication among teams of staff and participants who are interested in the services.
  • Providing FAQ section for over-the-top queries of interested audience and responding to these questions at the earliest.
  • Developing meet rooms or chat rooms for informal communications with subordinates and counterparts.
  • Socializing and marketing over various platforms like twitter, Facebook and Instagram to attract audience as well as increase clientele. Going social has an added advantage of reaching out to target audience without deploying funds advertising   in places where there is no scope for conversions.
  1. Decentralizing Authority – 

It is rightly said that you must lead your team and show them the right way at all times. However, it is also important that you get your work done on time, efficiently. Decentralizing means that you give your team members the authority to take decisions regarding the tasks assigned to them.

The control of the entire event will lay solely in your hands, but you will be able to function on more necessary aspects rather than dealing with every minute mishap. For example, if you have to assign food and catering services to a vendor, you can delegate the work to your member or subordinate along with the authority of finalizing the vendor if they rightly feel so.

Decentralization is possible when you have a team of experts, dealing in specific aspects like finance, logistics, and marketing. You can pass on the authority when you are convinced that the people in charge will make the right decisions, keeping in mind the quality standards and professional ethics that your organizations uphold. 

  1. Creativity –

If you are offering event organizer services surrounding various themes or event structures – from tournaments to parties to corporate events – it is important that you think creatively. The trends in the wedding season keep changing annually these days. Hence, you should be well versed in the language of the market and keep adapting to the new trends.


No two clients would want the same event. The budget, venue, design, everything differs according to their tastes. A good planner will make sure to accommodate the best results within these boundaries, without letting quality stutter. Thus, to be a successful business amidst grave competition, you must provide creative hacks to your participants to make them choose and refer you. Even for corporate events, keep in mind the objective of the company and base your blueprints around the same.


The market is so rapidly evolving that businesses have to keep in mind their profits as well as societal wellness whenever they wish to undertake any task. As an event planner, your top priority should be the satisfaction of your clients. 

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