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Mommy’s Kitchen

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Mommy’s Kitchen

Mommy’s Kitchen is a food startup included in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 17. The originators of this food startup Pratibha Hanoi, Vikaas Kanoi, Visshaal Kanoi requested ₹90 lakhs in return for a 3% portion of their organisation in Shark Tank India. So how about we know what they get in Shark Tank India.

They serve the Pizzas with extra characteristics which incorporate the accompanying Freshly Oven Baked, Thin Crust, and Crispy Vegetarian Pizzas. The speciality of Mommy’s Kitchen Pizzas Comes here as they stay fresh even after two or three hours.

They got such a mind-boggling reaction from their foodies so they’d choose to proceed with their work. They extended from Mumbai to Kolkata and Bengaluru. They have requested Rs90 Lakhs in return for a 3% value from their organisation. Mother’s kitchen valuation is Rs 30 Crores. These startup authors eat pizzas once every week which additionally lets us know that they are wellbeing cognizant. Each Sunday night they have a pizza get-together at their home.

Pratibha Kanoi (68 Years) is the originator of Mommy’s Kitchen. Vikas and Vishal are their children. She was brought into the world in Baroda and read up for certain years in Bangkok where she got presented to International Cuisine.

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