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What Befell Namhya Foods In Shark Tank India?

Namhya Foods Featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 22 A Jammu and Kashmir base is a food and drinks startup. This Namhya Foods startup involves Ayurvedic spices and fixings in its items. The organiser of this food startup has requested ₹1 crore in return for a 5% portion of his organisation in Shark Tank India.

There are many individuals in India nowadays who like to make good food items since they need to keep their well-being fit. Numerous items have come into the market today, which work to work on the soundness of the client.

Namhya Foods conveys a ton of Ayurveda-based wellbeing food items and is likewise supplanting standard bite snacks.

Namhya Foods is a food and drinks brand that spotlights Ayurvedic wellbeing food with its author Ridhima Arora who hails from Jammu. Before beginning this startup, the organiser had investigated the entire India to make this item.

Organiser Ridhima has introduced her business very well in Shark Tank India. She has requested sharks for ₹1 Crores in return for 5% value from her organisation. Every one of the sharks offered their viewpoint on this startup and enlightened numerous things concerning this class.

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