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What befell Rare Planet in the shark tank

Showed up in Rare Planet Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 25 Kolkata Base is a handmade brand. This brand makes carefully assembled earthenware and copper items from various specialists in India, whose request is exceptionally high at present. The originator of this organisation has requested ₹65 lakhs in return for a 1% portion of his organisation in Shark Tank India.
In 2020, the worldwide crafted works market was estimated at USD647.57 billion, this market is growing a great deal. India’s handiwork items are generally preferred everywhere.
Rare plant Kolkata Base is a retail way of life startup sent off in 2017 Which advances and sells Indigenous Indian Handicrafts in disconnected and online business sectors alongside giving an economical pay to neighbourhood craftsmen.
The Rare plant was begun in 2017 by Ranodeep Saha who is the originator of this startup. In 2019, Vijay Kumar was related to this startup, which is the prime supporter of this startup.
Uncommon Planet Get Deals In Shark Tank India
The proprietors of this brand, Ranodeep Saha And Vijay Kumar have contributed to Shark Tank India. The organiser has requested that Shark put ₹65 lakhs in return for a 1% portion of his organisation.

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