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The Renal Project

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What Befell The Renal Project After Shark Tank India?

The Renal Project is one of the greatest dialysis communities in India. This Mumbai base is a startup. The dialysis place has been added to the renal venture Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 14.

Because of the ascent of Covid 19 in India, changes are being seen in numerous things, it is an exceptionally terrifying thing. Someplace he is biting the dust because of a kidney patent not getting dialysis. Because of this Covid 19, the confidence of many individuals has been broken, they don’t have the foggiest idea how to carry on with their life.

The Renal Project Mumbai Base is a dialysis community that began in 2019 with its settlement in Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Because of Covid 19, this startup gives hemodialysis therapy to persistent kidney sickness, which turns out to be vital for kidney patients.

The Renal Project is tackling a colossal issue, this startup was begun in 2019 by Shashank Moddhia of Mumbai. Shashank Moddhia is the author and CEO of this startup, he has kept up with this business well overall, and numerous kidney patients are content with it.

The rental undertaking in Shark Tank India has been profoundly valued by sharks which is something excellent. The organiser had requested ₹1 crore in return for a 3% portion of his organisation.

The renal venture is as of now fruitful. Shark Tank came to India to showcase his organisation and develop the organisation.

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