SUV under 5 lakh

Upcoming SUVs under 5 Lakhs in India

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We all dream of buying a car and many of us own it too but there’s one thing that we have heard the most that an SUV will be better. A lot of people have heard this thing around them and you may be wondering why?

We’ll get to that but what about an SUV. What does an SUV provide that a normal car doesn’t?

These are a few questions that come to mind. 

If you ever visited car dealer services you know how much they emphasize buying an SUV rather than a normal car. They are so passionate about them and want us to show the same passion but we can’t just because we don’t know.

Maybe we just don’t know something amazing about these cars that they know. One thing that a normal person knows about an SUV and characterizes it is that a car with a body shape that has big wheels and looks chunky has great height and is sport-styled.

In recent years, SUVs have risen in popularity many folds and are among the popular vehicles. In many regions SUVs surpassed the car sales of normal passenger cars which is a very unfamiliar trend in the automobile industry.

In the last few years, 3 out of every 10 cars bought are SUVs and the number is increasing every year. You are not alone in choosing a big chunky car that feels good to drive. In America, more than 50% of the new cars bought are SUVs. 

Everywhere we look around, the SUV craze can be seen. Australia, the US and India are just a few examples of them. If you are considering or planning to buy an SUV then you are not alone there are numerous people already on the waiting list for these amazing cars.

However, the things boil down to that we in India don’t have the same budget to buy a car as that of an American but we still want our cars to be as of the Americans. Now, that’s a problem and a big one actually.

This need is solved by our automakers who provide us with phenomenal automotive services that can make this whole dream possible for Indians to buy an SUV at an affordable price. We definitely need a car that can be like an SUV but costs as much as a normal passenger car.

Before that, we need to get a clear understanding of what SUVs are?

What is an SUV?

Basically, an SUV is a car with heavy chunky characteristics with a sporty appearance. They have a rugged appearance that goes with fun and adventure. They are generally created having an adventure in mind. They generally have a high driving position which offers great visibility. 

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle and is geared highly towards that. They are marketed to go anywhere. You can use an SUV almost anywhere and go out and enjoy life.

They are designed to cope up with all kinds of road conditions and are good on uneven grounds. People’s first choice for off-roading is always an SUV. You can barely go off-roading in a normal passenger car.

The capacity provided here is also going anywhere inspired. SUVs offer great space inside to accommodate all the passengers and luggage when on any trip.

Now you know what SUVs are and why should you be looking for one. But we all know the Indian market for premium cars is not big enough but we still need the best features for the most affordable price.

Hence, we came up with a few cars that will provide you with major premium feature while still being within your budget.

Here are some SUVs which come under 5 lakhs.

  1. Honda Brio 2020

Honda Brio got an amazing response in the entry-level segment of SUVs. It has some eye-catching styling features and offers reliable performance. The upcoming Honda Brio Facelift will feature upgraded stylish contours on the body panel, new headlights, body-coloured ORVMs with electric adjust. 

honda brio 2020

These features are more than enough to attract customers considering that the car is an SUV that offers such reliable performance. When compared to the other passenger cars in the segment, it stands out entirely based on its features.

The interiors feature seats with new fabric upholstery and a new scheme for interior trims and lots of utility features. The safety features include front airbags, ABS with EBD, seat belts with pretensioners and engine immobilizer comes in the standard version. 

Hence, the security features match the needs for the sporting look that the car gives away which is a very important aspect in SUVs.

Engine and Transmission

As for the specifications are required then the Honda Brio hosts a 1198cc 4-cylinder SOHC i-VTEC petrol engine which delivers the power of 88PS at 6000RPM and torque of 109Nm at 4500 RPM. This provides enough power to the car to make your off-roading adventure a success. 

The transmission system has a five-speed manual gearbox with a drive connected to the front wheels which are more than enough for your needs.


The SUV offers mileage ranges at 18.5kmpl. One thing to note is that the mileage may vary slightly depending on the driving conditions. You can’t expect the same mileage when off-roading to a smooth city drive. Various factors such as traffic and frequent stop and go situations result in a decrease in mileage. 

On average, the fuel economy of 15kmpl in the city and that of 18kmpl on the highway can be expected from this.

Performance and Handling

Performance is one of the key metrics that drive us to buy an SUV. The performance will be enhanced with improved vehicle dynamics by introducing stylish contours on the body panel and offers clear visibility.

It exhibits power steering with a turning radius of about 4.5m for smooth control and comfortable steering pedals paired with a pleasing posture for the driver for a comfortable experience on long drives.

  1. Tata HBX

Tata HBX concept made its debut in the Auto Expo 2020 which showed the close to the production version of the mini SUV. It was rumoured to be completed almost 90% at its time of debut. Many leaked images later confirmed the car had nearly everything that was promised both from the exterior as well as the interior.

Tata HBX

The Exteriors

The exterior is inspired by the company’s own Tata Harrier. It features a split headlight setup. The concept had a flat bonnet, a stand-up pillar, few plastic claddings on the door, and a prominent beltline which provides it with the SUV look from the exterior.

Although unlike the concept the grille and front bumper design language is slightly more circular shaped and provides a clean look. The circular fog lights mounted low and the exaggerated silver faux bash plate that was displayed in the Expo are removed.

The indicators are now mounted on the side view mirrors which may be an inconvenience to a few people.

 The windscreen however doesn’t provide any SUV kind of look. It seems small as compared to the competitors and offers a stealth look. Although the car sits on chunky tires and has a roof-mounted carrier which is helpful in long drives.


The interiors are not changed as much as the exteriors. The steering wheel is identical to other Tata SUVs such as Tiago, the squared central AC vents and the dashboard layout has been highly inspired by the latter that they almost seem identical.

The one thing that HBX seems to differ from is the legroom department. HBX features a higher hip point than the Altroz and it provides a premium look as well as plenty of legroom for increased comfort. The front seats are large and are supportive on the other hand the rear seats can easily host three adults still providing plenty of legroom.

The doors open 90 degrees for easy ingress and egress.

Features and Performance

The leaked specs convey that it has the same equipment shown in the HBX concept and this is a higher spec version. The 7-inch instrument cluster, steering mounted audio controls, automatic climate control and free-standing infotainment system are the features that provide the premium experience from this SUV.

However, the specs about the engine and other factors are not made public and can only be speculated. It is expected to share the 1.2-litre petrol engine and 86hp design from the Tiago and other SUVs.

The gearbox features a 5-speed manual as well as 5 speed AMT gearbox options are expected for this SUV.

  1. Maruti XL5

Maruti has been providing India with it’s best performing cars and is mainly known for the mileage and affordability. It has till date dominated the market in this aspect. Now they offer features that are far better than the other car dealers services.

The Maruti Nexa provides premium cars such as Ignis, Ciaz, Baleno.


Maruti’s WagonR is one of the most popular and also the most selling cars in the Indian market for the longest time now. The tall design of the car may look outdated right now but it still sells because of the comfort it provides. The headroom it provides is appreciated by the customers and hence the car is still a favourite among the community.

Maruti is now working on providing a more premium experience while retaining all the good qualities of the WagonR and it is most likely to be called XL5. If we see the SUV trend then the WagonR suits the best to be the mini SUV because of its design without changing much with the looks.


The face of the vehicle will be tweaked a little bit to provide it a modern look similar to the Ertiga- XL6 theme. It will come with exterior LED DRLs, signature black alloy wheels, redesigned bumper and many other accessories attached to the front of the car.


The interiors are expected to be redesigned to provide a premium feel to the car. Expected interiors will be a rear parking camera, dual-zone climate control in the higher-spec, cruise control and connected car tech with the touchscreen infotainment system.

Center armrests will be available for the rear passengers with adjustable headrests for more comfort. Ambient lighting and air purifiers may be provided in order to keep up with the industry standards.

Engine and Performance

The XL5 may come with a 1.2L petrol BS6 engine of the Maruti WagonR. The 1.2L/1197cc engine produces 81.80bhp/6000rpm and 113Nm/4200rpm with ARAI claimed mileage of 20.52km/L.

Which comes with 5-speed manual transmission. The same engine with the AMT transmission produces 21.79 km/L. The expected fuel efficiency of the car may be lower due to the heavyweight of the car.

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