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How Voice Search, Video and Vernacular Optimization will Change the Future of Digital Marketing

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In this fast-growing era, we all are upgrading ourselves and each time taking a new step with the technology. Now people love to search from the voice in their native languages. Therefore all web development companies are creating UI in multiple languages. Voice Search, Taking knowledge from Video and searching queries in native languages is forcing digital marketers to optimize their sites accordingly. Let’s explore each topic:

Voice Search

The rapid growth of mobile devices as a platform for ads has put everything we’ve learned about capturing attention and telling stories to the test. According to studies, the average consumer’s attention span is just 8 seconds. To put it in perspective, it’s a fraction of a second slower than a goldfish. The Digital Marketing Company and Digital Marketing Services focuses on delivering the best products or services with the help of voice search optimization. 

voice search

“Consumers take only a quarter of a second to process an ad on mobile,” according to Facebook. As a result of this discovery, marketers all over the world are producing shorter, more attention-getting content.

          • Search Semantics Will Change

When searching by voice, users often speak in a more conversational tone. When conducting a text search, users may type “Brooklyn weather,” but when conducting a voice search, they may ask “What is the weather in Brooklyn?” instead. Users are more likely to phrase questions as a query than as a statement. Since voice searches are more conversational and normal, the semantics of search queries will be prioritised. As a result, the digital marketing environment will be affected, and advertisers will need to re-evaluate the keywords they use in their advertising as well as their overall marketing strategy.

Using long-tail keywords and clear responses to users’ most popular questions instead of short keywords in your SEO strategy. It’s time to start listening to what the customers have to say. In this voice search revolution, brands and companies will need to consider the sound, word choice, and phrasing used in voice search. Adapting your content’s keywords to voice search can help your website rank higher in search engines and win featured snippets.

  • Voice Search develops the Mobile-Friendly Environment

People aren’t just searching on their computers anymore. Smart devices’ hands-free capabilities allow consumers who are constantly on the move to use voice search. Voice search and smartphone go hand in hand as a versatile platform for customers’ daily lives, whether they’re cooking or driving.

voice search

Voice search will continue to dominate the mobile world as users become more mobile. Businesses and brands must ensure that their websites and content are mobile-friendly. It’s time to make the switch to a mobile-first mentality. Set the company up for success and remain on top of the competition. Around 70% of customers are more likely to buy from a company that has a mobile-friendly website. It is your duty as a marketer to make sure that your company’s interfaces, blogs, and forums are all mobile-friendly.

Important factors to remember in order to make your website more mobile-friendly:

  • Reduce the time it takes for your website to load
  • Make use of larger text and vertical elements.
  • Mobile pop-ups should be redesigned.
  • Reduce the size of buttons and CTAs (Call to Actions) for mobile devices. Make it easier for people to find stuff.
  • If you want to succeed in this changing landscape, you need to think about it from a mobile perspective. To stay ahead of the curve, collaborate with your teams to build mobile-friendly interfaces.

Google Voice Search Will Place a Larger Emphasis on Local SEO

Many people who use voice search do so to find local information in their city. Where can I find the nearest gas station? What are my top ten Italian restaurants? Voice search queries for location-based information account for nearly 22% of all queries. Local companies, stores, and boutiques should seize this chance to develop a local voice search SEO strategy. A local voice search SEO strategy will help drive traffic to your website and increase sales in the long run. Another chance is lost by not considering local SEO.

  • Tips to improve your local SEO:
  • Create, update, and refine your Google My Business account
  • collect positive customer reviews
  • use local keywords in your content
  • and use location pages or a location-specific “About Us” tab.

In today’s ever-changing quest world, keep the following points in mind. One of the content marketing ideas to consider in 2019 is optimising the content for voice search. Seek out voice search optimization services and solutions, and work to develop an efficient voice search strategy that will aid in the long-term growth of your brand.

Video Search

Malabar Gold and Social Beat recently collaborated on a campaign to support Malabar Gold’s “Men in Platinum” range in honor of International Men’s Day. Two thumbs-up videos were released with the aim of breaking the myth of’ macho culture’ and demonstrating how all men should be valued for who they are. About 13 lakh people saw the video on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

voice search Video

Malabar Gold’s Facebook page saw a 450 percent spike in user interest! This demonstrates how, when done correctly, thumbs topper videos can change the way brands interact with their target audience. A Digital Marketing Company focuses on delivering the best products or services with the help of video search optimization. 

The following six vital conditions should be met by a successful thumbs’ topper video:

  1. The length of the video
  2. Brand Positioning 
  1. Eye-catching visuals
  2. Use of sound effects
  3. The Grand Launch
  4. The element of surprise

Not only will you be able to monitor various parameters of data by using a variety of video ad formats across platforms, but you’ll also be able to improve viewer interaction. There are a variety of formats to choose from, including thumb stoppers, bumpers, and exploration ads, as well as skippable and non-skippable ads.

In the long run, the type of content you make for your videos matters because it will improve interaction, traffic, session time, and customer loyalty. Your videos could fit into one of three categories: knowledge, education, or entertainment. There are some examples:

• Walk-throughs and explainer videos

• Product guides, ratings, and reveals

• Round-ups

• Public service announcements

• Use of case studies

• Cuts/skits that are theatrical or funny

• A look behind the scenes

• Vlogs (video blogs)

• Interviews and Q&A

• Live sessions, announcements

• Collaborations with influencers

Vernacular Search

Another tangent in content marketing is implementing campaigns in regional languages. New data users are growing as Internet access improves, and it is expected that in India, an unprecedented billion users will go online. With this new generation of users comes a new challenge: ensuring that the content is written in a language that they can understand. The Digital Marketing Company and Digital Marketing Services focus on delivering the best products or services with the help of vernacular search optimization. 

Vernacular Search

Since more than half of these audience segments are from Tier II and Tier III cities, having a multilingual marketing campaign will help your brand stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, this will not only apply to your website, but also to your app, videos, creatives, advertising, and all other material.

An explosion of vernacular content online

India’s online landscape is set to become even more vibrant and complex. As more people have access to low-cost internet and low-cost phones, there will be greater demand for internet content in the languages they are most familiar with. Brands must place vernacular at the forefront of their digital marketing campaign in order to appeal to this rising internet audience. Indic languages should be prioritized across the board, from blogs to applications, social media campaigns, success advertisements, and even social media listening.

Speaking to regional markets entails more than simply translating a brand’s key contact into multiple languages. Instead, they must create messages tailored to these audiences, with their particular needs, challenges, and expectations at the forefront. Only in this way will they be able to establish the crucial personal link with customers. One of the leading vernacular start-ups, 22 Languages, is dedicated to assisting brands in reaching out to a wider audience of vernacular languages.

Learn how vernacular tactics can yield unparalleled results for your brand by reading our case study on How Multilingual Advertising Helped Generate Higher-Quality Leads with Lower CPL.


  • Growth of voice search

The seeds of voice search were planted in 2018, but 2019 will be the year when this trend truly blossoms. Voice search is now fueled by the proliferation of smart assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Voice Assistant, rather than just phones. Voice search would also be pushed by users at the other end of the continuum, such as those who are just learning to use the internet or who don’t know how to type.

However, regardless of who the voice search audience is, one thing is certain: SEO as we know it will need to improve. When using voice search, traditional keyword research will become redundant because user requests will be entirely different. Place zero, the “featured snippet,” would become even more desired as a result of speech. Since the featured snippet is included in 99 percent of voice search results, content developers would have to work much harder to optimise their content for Google to pick it up. For more tips and ideas, watch our informative video on a full guide to Voice Search Marketing.

Videos and interactive content

Although videos have been around for decades, their popularity on streaming platforms and social media has only recently begun to grow. If your company doesn’t have a good library of entertaining, high-quality videos, you might be losing out on a significant portion of the market in 2019. In 2019, YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine, could become even more relevant.

Brands can ensure that their content is accessible to specific audiences using strategies like YouTube SEO. Read our in-depth blog, YouTube SEO Tips: The Secret Sauce to Ranking Your Videos in 2019 for tips on how to rate your videos.

However, the significance of videos is not limited to YouTube. Videos on landing pages and in emails have been shown to increase conversions and efficiency. Videos are becoming increasingly common on Facebook. According to one study, 44% of respondents said they watch at least 5 videos on the platform every day.

Multiple video formats are being created and explored as the popularity of videos grows. Because of the increased user interaction that interactive videos provide, they are becoming a common option. Users are expected to take some kind of action in order to affect the video in these videos. This may be in terms of the material shown or the video’s overall narrative.

Live videos, in addition to interactive content, are causing a stir. They’re currently available on Instagram and Facebook, with YouTube on the verge of introducing them. Brands may use live videos to share behind-the-scenes footage and establish a more intimate connection with their viewers.

  • Smart interactive chatbots

Chatbots have been steadily making their way into the market since 2017, but in 2019 they will be more sophisticated than ever. Most chatbots currently have a short script, with a selection of choices from which users can choose. Users are often passed to a human representative to answer their question until it has been narrowed down. Chatbots, on the other hand, are likely to fully eliminate the human element previously involved with the advent of AI.

They’ve been programmed to be smarter, to answer a wide range of questions in a logical way, and to solve problems without the need for human interference. Indeed, chatbots with AI are likely to be able to maintain a long conversation with users without requiring coders to input a lengthy script beforehand. Chatbots will become much more popular as technology advances, as marketers take advantage of their low cost and increased performance.

AI for better audience targeting

AI is becoming the most accurate way for brands to define their core audience and build core messaging for them, not just for smarter chatbots. Predictive customer analytics will remove a lot of the guesswork in digital marketing by combining machine learning and artificial intelligence.

They do this in part by assigning a “lead ranking” to the leads they produce. Huge amounts of leads can be analysed at once, identifying common trends, grouping them into different buckets based on their behaviour, and assisting you in creating hyper-personalized content for them. Since personalization is so important when it comes to cultivating leads, AI would almost certainly result in higher conversions for marketers.

AI can also detect similarities among current customers and create custom targeting options for advertisers to ensure more precise ad delivery. This will aid in improving the efficiency of digitally produced leads.

A panel discussion on the potential developments in digital marketing – AI, virtual reality, and vernacular content – was held as part of our Second Digital Leadership Summit in Mumbai. Ms. Channan Sawhney, Johnson & Johnson’s Head of Digital Marketing, and Mr. Prathyush Kukreja, Haptik’s Head of Product Monetisation, were the two panellists. Mr. David Appasamy, Head of Brand & Strategy, Social Beat, moderated the discussion.


The Digital Marketing Services focuses on delivering the best products or services with the help of voice search, video search and vernacular search optimization.  

•  Artificial intelligence and augmented reality play a significant role in can revenue and return on investment.

•To deliver the best brand messages to the right audience, brands must use artificial intelligence.

• It’s past time for FMCG businesses to embrace AI technology in order to break through the industry’s clutter.

• Localized content is the future of digital marketing.

• To create a successful conversational AI, brands must harness the power of voice search and multilingual marketing.

• With the introduction of AI and AR, marketing automation has become much simpler.


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