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Why Fleet Tracking App Solution is important for Transport Industry

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We all make use of transportation services one way or another every day in our life. We order food, clothes, gadgets from our home and then they are delivered to us by the use of transportation services which we often take for granted. Fleet Tracking App Solution helps to make transportation tracking easy.

We make use of packers and movers that help us to shift our belongings from one place to another, we can book our tour from our home by the use of tour operators and so on. There are numerous benefits that the transportation industry has provided us with.

We have taken a lot of progress that the transportation industry did. We can now order anything from our home and it will arrive at our doorstep in very less time. This is a boon from the transportation services that make it possible to reach us in this less time.

This progress is not easy and took a lot of years and money to make this happen. IF you know then the transportation services are the backbone of the services that we use. E-commerce can do very little without robust transportation services. We know that we can order something from our comfort zone just because it will arrive thanks to the transportation services.

We often think that it is just a hoax but providing this robust service requires the use of technology and technology itself demands research. There have been a lot of changes in the industry in the past few years and many more are to come. Although these changes are not robust in themselves, they still do need improvement.

Fleet Tracking

Technologies such as Big data analytics, machine learning, and AI have provided a helping hand to the industry in maintaining the demand of the consumers. We are at the tail of this chain. We are the ones deciding which service is better and which is not. By the use of analytics and machine learning the transportation industry can now find whether a particular service will do good for the customer in the long run or not. Technology aids in many more aspects of the transportation services such as determining the best route via the use of advanced mapping systems. 

These systems are not the same as our GPS but they are used in accommodation to make sure that the delivery gets in time. How do you think the delivery services are able to provide you with your delivery in the desired time. There can be a lot of discrepancies which can result in the delivery getting late but because of the use of these technologies, the transportation services have gotten better over the years to the point of what you see It as.

Transportation services play a major role in logistics and supply chain management and hence in one way or another facilitate the economy. If you notice it or not but the economy depends highly on the transportation industry because of its widespread use. We need transportation to get things from one place to another and all the industries require these services no matter what they are producing they will be in need to transport it to somewhere from where it can get to the customer or the client.

What is Fleet Tracking Technology?

By far we have talked about the contribution of technology in the transformation of the transport industry but there are numerous players in it. Most importantly Big data analytics and machine learning. Although other technologies are also used to ensure the needs of the customers are met in a timely manner and to make the experience better for everyone.

Fleet tracking is one of these technologies that help to track the location of a vehicle with the help of an interface that displays the vehicle information to the officers. It works on the basis of GPS and helps in logistics and the management of the fleet process.

In order to collect this fleet information, a tracking device is installed in each vehicle that is in the fleet. This advanced device is able to gather numerous different information about the fleet and the vehicle such as the fuel consumption, engine status, the route it is taking, the speed and then it matches the information with the location that it needs to arrive.

The information about the location of the vehicle is generated by the GPS technology however there are other technologies too that helps in finding the location of the vehicle such as the Global Navigation Satellite System which provides accurate location of the fleet which makes the process robust.

Fleet Tracking

The data gathered from the tracking device are sent over to a software interface via cloud computing. This information can be accessible by the officials via an app. Through these apps, the fleet owner will be notified about each and every detail that is required by them. For example, they will be knowing that the fleet has crossed the border or a checkpoint, whether it collected the package when it leaves with the package and how much time is expected for the delivery and so on.

This enables the owner to get all the necessary updates that he will be requiring in order to maintain the well being of the orders and other operations. By this technology, logistics and supply chain management is benefited. Packers and movers will be efficient in their job and tour operators can plan the whole tour in advance and can manage them well.

This opens up a new domain for future advancements which can do much more than just to tell you where your delivery is? Fleet tracking technology aims at transforming that future by using the existing technology and investing in the future. Technology such as these enables us as customers to get some detail about our delivery and we can be aware that our delivery will arrive in the time being, is it dispatched or not, will it be late and if late then due to what circumstances.

These questions can be answered by the use of fleet tracking technology. It makes tracking concerns easier, now we can track each update in various sectors whether it’s packer and movers services, E-commerce business, and such others.

Does your Business need a Fleet Tracking System?

This is often the common question that business owners ask but we understand your doubt that why should you invest money in a fleet tracking system when your own system is working just fine. The other doubt is that big logistics and transportation services use fleet tracking and are not well suited for small business while others think that it doesn’t offer enough benefits for the owners.

The thing is that many companies other than the transportation industry use the fleet tracking system to benefit their own business. All industries want to minimize their operating costs and increase the efficiency of manifolds and that’s what fleet tracking provides.

Fleet Tracking

Here are the few benefits that the businesses can get after implementing fleet tracking.

  1. Reduction in Fuel and Labour Costs

Fuel and labor are one of the major spendings a business has to do, doesn’t matter which industry you belong to. The use of advanced fleet tracking systems backed by GPS owners can make sure they save fuel wastage that occurs when you don’t know the optimum route for your commute. When you track the activities of the vehicle, you are in control of the activities that are happening virtually. You can restrict various things to ensure that the fuel is not compromised. 

This also results in an improvement in the efficiency of the fleet.

As for the reduction in labour costs, you can track the efficiency of your driver by monitoring their productivity on the job. There remains no need to maintain a sheet or deal with any dispute related to the card punching and the timings for the arrival and departure. 

Having a handful of good employees who are productive and do their job well will significantly reduce the labour cost.

  1. Increased Safety

Safety is often a big concern for transportation services and having a system that can increase the safety of it can be a big boon. The fleet tracking system provides us with proper navigation which increases the safety of the drivers and the fleet too. A Fleet tracking system helps the drivers to be on the accurate route which is also the safest for the fleet and the driver. Tour Operators are also using this technology to make their services more convenient and safer for their customers.

The fleet owners can communicate with the drivers through the system itself to ensure their safety and the live statistics about the route. The system prevents unauthorized access which helps in ensuring that no one else can use the vehicle or change the route of the vehicle. The system can be used to avoid possible emergency situations which can be caused by other vehicles which pose a very unreliable threat.

  1. Improved Productivity

With a good fleet tracking system, any company can improve its worker’s productivity and the overall productivity of the system. This is achieved by providing accurate data about various scenarios in real-time. If a driver gets to know that the route he is taking will lead him to difficulties after 5 minutes due to heavy traffic then the system will reroute for the driver and this will highly improve the productivity.

This feature is very helpful for drivers in bad weather conditions where they need to ensure that the fleet gets to the destination by time. The system will help by examining the data from the GPS and other tracking systems to ensure a safe and fast route for the commute.

Is Fleet Tracking well for your Business?

You may still have a doubt whether a fleet tracking system is required for your business? Although we have provided you with the why and the benefits of the fleet tracking system the decision is your own. It may not work wonders for you as it worked with other businesses. The numerous benefits of fleet tracking may not be that much applicable because you have little to do with transportation services.

Fleet Tracking

A Fleet tracking system can help you with other things which are not associated with the core transportation such as the theft of goods which can happen to anyone. There is no size defined for a company to use fleet tracking technology. 

Some tour operators use it to make the process efficient, packers and movers have a good implementation of this system. It doesn’t matter the size of these companies what matters is the need. If there is a need for it then there’s no intelligence in ignoring it.

You can consider for yourself whether to use it or not by examining the below points.

  • Reduction in Operating expenses
  • Know the status of the vehicles
  • Moving towards the digital system with automated vehicle management
  • Minimize the resources on fleet management
  • Increase investment in products and services.

If you think that these things are required by your company then you should definitely consider using the fleet tracking system otherwise it will become a necessity in a few years anyway.

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