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Biggest Makeup Trends For 2021

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The skin is the largest organ in the human body and by far the most exposed to internal and external environments. This makes it vulnerable to an extent where if you do not make conscious efforts to keep it healthy, you might witness skin damage at an early age. This is one of the reasons why influencers, health professionals like dermatologists, as well as your mother, are constantly asking you to make sure you treat your body right. It is easy to fall prey to beauty products and try to transform yourself into someone your body can’t accept. It is habits like these that cause infections and diseases as grave as skin cancer. 

Flawless skin is a lifelong dream for all the ladies out there. It is excessively advertised for ages, to a point when it has become almost monotonous with brands offering beauty services. A vicious cycle of transformation is what we’re trapped in. With so many brands coming upfront with beauty products, famous celebrities endorsing them has made it more confusing as to what regime one should follow in order to get the perfect skin that is stereotyped as beautiful for our generation. 

Following a year that can only be described as unprecedented, how will beauty find its footing for spring 2021? It’s an interesting question, and one answered by designers and creatives this season across socially distanced catwalks and digital platforms. From New York to Milan to Instagram, dewy skin, minimalist makeup, and—surprise—lipstick have been used as storytelling vehicles. Ahead, YSL Beauty National Makeup Artist, Nour Agha, serves as our guide through the spring 2021 makeup trends, both on the runway and off in the issue of the Harper’s Bazaar edition of the latest makeup and hair styling techniques and trends that rule the heart. one of the best things about the transition from winter to spring—other than, you know, the warmer temps and longer days—are the spring makeup trends. Like, fine, technically you don’t need to wait for a seasonal change to switch up your makeup looks, but it’s as good as a reason as any, amirite? This year’s spring makeup trends are all about colour—think vibrant pink lipstick and shimmery gold eyeshadow.

Some of these big makeup trends include the following. Make sure you keep them all recorded in a book of tips and beauty services as this is the era of revolutions and going bold and customization when it comes to the biggest makeup trends of 2021. Let’s take a look at some –


  1. Going Bold or Going Home

It’s true they say that the eyes do the talking. Especially if you’re one to follow what has been a great fusion of style and art and dialogues through these makeup trends, bold and Smoky eyes are all in. So is the bright palate and the shimmer of every possible shade. Gray Smokey eyes are played out. Colour doesn’t have to just stay on your lids. This spring 2021 makeup trend lets your lashes get in on the fun too. Swipe on a coat (or three) of blue mascara to add a bit of colour. This spring 2021 makeup trend is all about colour. Grab a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend your eyeshadow. The final result will have everyone green with envy. This is the time to play with your eye makeup like never before. “I have been seeing a lot of appliqué around the eyes,” says Oquendo. Think of adding jewels or glitter around your eyeshadow, or experiment with smoldering eyeliner — another big trend this season. The best thing about this 2021 makeup trend is that it brightens up your entire face in a second. Plus, when the light hits your gilded lids at just the right angle, the pigments can’t help but sparkle.

  1. Palate nails and Pales

According to Elle, floral printed designs are huge on the runway for spring 2021. You can ask for floral pastels at a salon, but they’re also much easier to recreate at home than you might think. Pick out a banana yellow shade, and choose petal colours like pastel pink or green. “Using a toothpick, dip it into the banana yellow and dot it onto the nail to create the center of the flower,” Elle says. “Taking a clean toothpick, dip it into the petal shade(s) and make the dots around the center dot, creating petals. The mint shade can also be used to create leaves around the flower.” Celebrity nail artist Elle predicts that neutral gel manicures will be a mainstay this year. “It can be matte or glossy,” she says. “Think of it as an extension of your hand, a look that will elongate your fingers.” If you want to take this look to the next level, she suggests adding a gold accent or some sparkles for a delicate and not-so-overpowering look. Pro tip: go for almond or round nail shape to make your fingers look even longer.

  1. Bangs that are bang on!

“For hair, we are seeing a lot of big changes and strong silhouettes,” says celebrity hairstylist Kenna. He believes that 2021 will see “bangs galore.” Curtain bangs will continue to reign, as will short bangs and fringe with tons of curl and volume. The curls are reinventing the sophisticated slick that has ruled in the glory decade so now is the time for some fun. These are beauty tips and makeup tips every woman needs in order to be experimental and help in redefining their personalities. The bangs were in fashion only for people who wanted to cover their heads and had a receding hairline. However, now it is so much more than just a necessity! 

  1. Bold brows

Oquendo says he’s been seeing more of the fuller eyebrow looks this year. “I’ve heard from a lot of people that quarantine has allowed them to finally grow out their brows,” Oquendo says. “Filled in and defined brows are the way to go.” If there is one thing to know about the brow magic, it is so that you can’t really have enough of it. The one thing that worked previously was the unibrows, however, they looked rather shabby and did not define the shape of the brows completely. The choice is wide, you can go thick and slick or you could do bushy and spacey as a choice. Bold brows are fancy and give the looks you’re carrying a more dominating tone.

  1. Dewy Skin

One thing is clear in skincare trends right now — moisture is key. “Due to spending more time inside because of the pandemic and now still quarantining during the colder months, we are using the heater a lot —thus, people are having drier skin,” says Dr. Karen Kagha, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Boston. “People are looking for more hydration, so another current obsession is hyaluronic acid serums.” Hyaluronic acid is easy to add to your routine for a quick boost (or you can try its trendy sister ingredient, polyglutamic acid). 

  1. Lip trend for 2021

The “your lips but better” look never goes out of style. Bonus: This spring 2021 makeup trend is way easy to recreate. Outline your lips with a flesh-toned liner and layer a clear gloss on top to blend out the colour. An orange lip is bolder than your classic pinks and reds, but that’s what adds to the cool factor. And once you find the right shade for your skin tone, you’ll feel super glam from the moment you swipe on this spring 2021 makeup trend. There is always an easy way to let it be with your routine colours. However, these makeup and hairstyling tips sure help you embrace the boldness of makeup and let yourself free from stereotypes surrounding skin colour and lip shades. Yes, balms are nice. And yes, make sure you’re still always wearing a mask when you should be. But, for 2021, the mood will be celebrating your lips when they can be seen. “For lips, we will see an emphasis on nude shades,” notes Agha. “But there will also be a mixture of bright and bold shades.” Max Mara explored multiple opaque lip colours, but similar to the hot pink at Tom Ford, this over-the-top scarlet won our hearts. It’s been said before and we’ll say it again—a classic red lipstick will never go out of style.

It is a common belief that makeup causes the skin to become chalky and acne-prone. However, there are some tips and inexpensive methods that will help you regain the stretched, clean surface on your skin. Yes! You heard us right. Most of these are inexpensive, at-home remedies that don’t require you to throw bills or travel great distances to get that flawless glow-up! Let’s take a look at some of the dermatologically approved beauty tips.



The myth surrounding the fact that cleansing face too much causes dry skin and wrinkles needs to be clarified and erased for good. It is very important to cleanse your face at least once every single day. Experts say that the impurities stuck on our skin can cause darkness and acne, so it’s actually the opposite of what myths we go on hearing. Wash it using a light cleanser that doesn’t contain too many chemicals that are harsh on your skin.
The right way to clean it, for all skin types is as follows-

  • Wah your face with lukewarm water. This opens the pores and softens the skin in order for dirt to come out easily.
  • Apply a dash of cleanser on your palm and lather it. Gently rub your palms on your face in circular motion. Be gentle in this action.
  • Wash your face with normal/cold water to seal the pores shut in order to avoid any dirt going inside again. Lukewarm water won’t seal the pores and can lead to blackheads and excess oil from products.

Make-up surely is a great way to reform and transform yourself into someone who feels confident on the inside and the outside. The large array of products that are available on the racks of all brands providing beauty services is downright tempting. However, this temptation may lead to you applying and painting almost another face on yourself if you don’t realize the harm in this. You should not let the product sit on you for long hours on a daily basis when you’re off to work or college. Wear minimal, hydrating products like toners and moisturizers and skin correcting, lightweight foundation.

Avoid dark eye shadows, heightened contouring as well as lathered lipstick. It can make your face look older and clogged. These are makeup tips every woman should know.


The sun is a great source of Vitamin D. However, exposure to the sun can cause the skin to crack or develop scaling skin. Not only this, the heat from fireplaces can cause dryness and suck out the moisture in your skin. Dry skin can crack easily and that is primarily why wrinkles develop at such a young age. In winters, sitting or sleeping too close to the room heater or electric blanket also has the same effect on the skin. It is important to stay warm but not burn your body of its water content. You may feel the need to drink water every time you wake up if this is the case. It’s a signal to stop over-exposing your body to heat and start hydrating it.

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