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Flying Fur

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Flying Fur

Flying Fur is a Startup of Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 15 which is Participated in Shark Tank India. They are a pet prepping startup from India that has come to Shark Tank India to get subsidising to develop its organisation.

Individuals like to deal with the Pet, individuals consider the Pet to be their relative, so it has turned into a business. In a nation like the United States, Canada, the pet business is valued at one billion dollars, individuals keep felines and canines in each house. In India as well, individuals like the Pet a ton and alongside their ailment, attempt to give an in-vogue look to the Pet.

Flying Fur is an outside pet prepping organisation in India. This spot goes from one spot to another to make the Pet attractive and check their medical issues. There is certainly a Pet in each place of India, so this business will fill a great deal in the approaching time.

Jessica Madan, the Co-Founder of pet prepping startup Flying Fur, is an independent lady from Delhi. Jessica, the organiser of Flying Fur, in the wake of taking part in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 15, requested 75 lakhs in return for the city of 7% of the organisation.

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