Good Good Piggy Bank

Good Good Piggy Bank

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Good Good Piggy Bank

Purva Aggrawal is the author of Good Good Piggy Bank. She is a youthful and splendid 25-year-old woman who hails from Delhi. She is a minister of ladies in tech in India.

It is a D2C startup. The enrollment interaction from the application is very simple with two connection points: parent and kid. A Little substance is likewise accessible for kids to watch. After input from guardians, undertakings for everyday missions are given. Whenever satisfied by youngsters, they get a prize and store it in their stash. Their main interest group is pre-youngsters.

It is India’s computerised stash. Good Good Piggy Bank is India’s first EdFinTech application for guardians and children. It is an application where guardians have full control to make propensities and conduct advancement for the kid while showing them the whole cash the executives conditions like computerised reserve funds, computerised spending, and the main profit. This computerised cash must be opened by youngsters when they work on their propensities. Her organisation’s valuation is 9cr. They are on pre-income now which means zero income.

She drew closer with a request from 45lakhs for a 5% value of the company. Citing various reasons by the sharks, all ventured out from the arrangement. No arrangement is finished.

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