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How to Choose Eco-Friendly Pest Control Services

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We all deal with pests all the time in our house and when the time comes according to their individual seasons they come to haunt us and leave no stone unturned to not bother us. Pests can be really a tiring experience for you and this can result in frustration pretty easily. That’s the reason people hire pest control services to get rid of them. However, it costs so much and comes with its own problems. 

Such as you won’t be able to access a particular room in your house for weeks depending on the severity of the pests there and this can be tiresome. Not all of us have access to a lot of rooms and are often limited by the stuff we can do in one room. If we lose one of our rooms to pests then this is their own sweet victory.

There are numerous ways to beat pests in their own game and prevention is one of the best in it. We have often heard that prevention is better than cure and it is pretty much true with pests. We can prevent our house from getting infested with pests that are hard to deal with later on.

However, the other side of the coin is that these pest control methods used chemicals that are harmful to us, that’s why the room is locked for a week. This is to ensure that the pests don’t bother you again but the fact is that if it is worth it? Letting chemicals in your house in that proportion doesn’t seem right although it is necessary to control pests too. 

pest control

This comes to the conclusion that either get rid of pests or get rid of chemicals. But in many situations, this is not the answer. In our full home deep cleaning services, we don’t mainly use harmful chemicals to clean the house. The same goes for the kitchen deep cleaning. Chemicals are not the answer to every cleaning service and pest control services shouldn’t ignore it either.

We are becoming more sustainable and there is a recent trend to be more eco-friendly and we think that pest control services shouldn’t be left behind in this. There’s a lot to take into consideration when we consider eco-friendly pest control. This will mean that no harmful chemicals will be used to get rid of pests and also the waste that these chemicals produce will also be used eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly pest control services aim for reducing the chemicals used in the services and the waste produced by them. This will help people who are allergic to chemicals and can’t bear the smell of chemicals once the pests are done and they can use the room again. We know it very well that however many more chemicals are used to cover up for the bad chemical odour, we can still feel it.

This is another issue with chemicals that after the work is done, chemicals are used to cover for the odour that the pest control chemicals left behind. This results in much more chemicals used in just one pest control service and is neither good for the environment nor for you.

 Should you Hire a Professional?

If you are considering getting your home clean then a full home deep cleaning service will do the job but most of us don’t use these services and that’s where comes the classical question of whether you should hire someone to do the job or do it yourself.

One thing is for sure that the difference between a professional and you is massive and we should not take the professionals for granted. They know their job inside out and have years of experience in the field. We may be better off without a professional when we have a minor problem but if the problem itself is big then it is out of your reach. You will be requiring a professional for that.

Pest control

Another thing is that a trained professional will provide you pest control service in a safe and efficient way which is hard to achieve when you know so little about the work. When it comes to eco-friendly pest control then there are numerous ways you can prevent pests from infesting your house but it will take a professional to take care of it eventually.

There may be numerous more problems when a professional takes a look at your house which you will not be able to notice. This comes from experience and will eventually save you time and money.

Another thing is that letting professionals take care of pests will be much more economical and stress-free than doing the job itself. A trusted and knowledgeable professional will be knowing exactly what needs to be done in a situation that is alien to you. If you look at the job profile then you will notice that it requires the professional’s experience to get the work done. It will be difficult for people like us to handle the situation not knowing what can go wrong and result in another problem. Hence the delicate situation needs to be handled with care because the turn of events is as unpredictable as the pests themselves.

The Correct way to Control Pests

A full home deep cleaning service will make sure that your home is clean and free of pests using the abilities of professionals but if you wish to deal with these pests on your own. There is a way of doing things that you should know and which will help you with it.

One key element in dealing with pests on your own is to consider the cost. In any case, you need to avoid the long-term damage that can be caused by the pests. The damage is not entirely the result of pests’ infestation but the cost of ignoring the pests in the early stage and then undermining the importance of a professional.

The goal should always be the maintenance of your home and handling things in a timely manner. If you are late for certain things then it can cause you more trouble than you can think of. 

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Money is another factor that also works as an indicator. You need to make your mind consider using a kitchen deep cleaning service or to do it yourself. Money comes in between and when you consider all the costs then it will become clear to you whether it’s a better deal to let the professional handle the situation or get your own hands busy in the task.

Many of us will only have time for stuff like these on weekends and at that time we don’t want any more trouble than we already dealt with on the weekdays and in this case calling a professional to do the job will ease you off a lot of burdens. 

Things that we don’t consider is that this task that we are taking into our hand is alien to us and we will be required to gather knowledge to do the job ourselves and this can go wrong pretty easily even after taking into consideration numerous hours that we spend learning and researching various things.

5 Simple Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods

  1. Repel insects with Cedar Oil

Cedar oil has numerous benefits but who would have thought that this will be one of them. We have always used chemicals to get rid of insects but they are harmful to us and nature too. A good alternative is cedar oil which is a non-toxic insect repellant that will get rid of all the commonly found insects such as mosquitos, ants and even cockroaches. 

Your pets may be frustrated from dealing with all the insects, for them, you can use cedar oil on the bedding of your pets to ensure their well being.

  1. Rattraps instead of Rat Baits

We all have seen numerous ads and products that kill rats and rodents by poisoning them. To make this work you place poison in the corners of your house which is not poisonous to us but rodents. This poison also attracts them and the poison kills the rat slowly. 

The whole process is however very inhumane as the rat dies slowly and painfully. This also opens the door for other insects to eat the poisoned rat which results in the spread of diseases around the house. Not considering the problem of finding the dead rat and then disposing of it.

Hence this method is not at all an option for anyone. A better approach will be to catch the rodents using rat traps instead of killing them. You can buy a rat trap pretty easily from any market and it is pretty affordable too.

The only thing you have to do is to place some uncooked oats or roti for the rat and this will do the job, then dispose of the rat in an open field away from your house.

  1. Sticky board for Insects

Sticky boards are helpful for insects that crawl and they don’t require any chemicals to do the job effectively. The only thing you have to do is to buy a sticky board from the market, you can get them easily for an affordable price. Then place them at a place where you encounter the most insects. This will do the job without harmful chemicals and make it easy to dispose of them too.

You can go around the internet and find ways to make the sticky board and other numerous sticky traps for yourself at home. There are dedicated methods to get rid of specific insects by using different methods. One such method involves using a jar for cockroaches. You only need to do is to get a banana peel and put some petroleum jelly or cream that you use on your lips at the rim of the jar. This will set the trap for the cockroaches. Then place the jar in your kitchen and other places where the cockroaches are often seen. 

Leave it for the night and by the time you wake up, you will see the cockroach trapped in the jar. This will be your own kitchen deep cleaning.

  1. Use Soaps for Ants

Although ants are not our enemies they definitely can give you a nightmare with their teamwork. One easy trick to deal with ants involves the use of soaps. We all have access to soaps and this will do the job pretty easily. 

Basically, ants follow each other and are in a line always. This is because they follow the chemicals left behind by the ants ahead of them which provides them with direction and makes the team proceed in the same direction.

Using this trick you just have to put some soap water on the ant colony and this will do the job and prevent them from moving forward. You can then place them in your house by the use of a broom or brush without killing them.

  1. Eggshells for Snails

When dealing with snails you don’t need to use chemicals or sprays. Just an easy trick is to collect the eggshells whenever you can and then put them around your plants to catch the snails. Snails will themselves get attracted to them and will not leave them due to their inability to do so biologically. This is one of the best ways to catch them without hurting them. You can then place them in open fields away from your house.

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