India Hemp and Co

India Hemp and Co

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India Hemp and Co

India Hemp and Co, Appeared in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 17, is a startup that produces Nutritious, Sustainable, Natural Superfoods. The author of this startup, Jayanti Bhattacharya has requested 50 lakhs in return for a 4% portion of his organisation in Shark Tank. So we should perceive how much arrangement this startup gets.

India Hemp is the organisation that produces Hemp Products and you can get them from their site. Jayanti Bhattacharya is the originator of India Hemp and Co. She has a place with the city of new businesses in Bangalore. In 2017 her more youthful sister Shalini experienced ongoing extreme agony in which she was unable to try and get her sacks. Jayanti attempted every one of the MRIs, City filters and went to different subject matter experts yet nothing made a difference. At long last, the main thing that helped her sister was great hemp. Hemp implies Bhaang, for quite some time this is available in the Indian Culture. It gives many advantages. In 2019 Jayanti and her sister helped to establish India Hemp and Co.

India Hemp and co. has asked Rs 50 Lakhs in return for 4% Equity. Their organisation is esteemed at Rs 12.5 Crores.

Did Jayanti deal with any legitimate issue in obtaining the hemp?

No, she didn’t confront any difficult situation in obtaining that also On 22nd November 2021, Fssai has proclaimed hemp as a food. Before this India Hemp and co. were bound in impediments, for example, they couldn’t list their item on internet business destinations like Amazon and Big Basket. This was the explanation for their sluggish development.

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