Sippline Drinking Shields

Sippline Drinking Shields

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Sippline Drinking Shields

Sippline Drinking Shields shark tank India a cleaned glass veil, a stage to bring kabaddi on each screen, a rose-giving brand, and a grant-giving application are the pitches.

In lodgings or any open spots ordinarily, we have seen soil marks, lipstick blemishes on glasses while drinking water or beverages. This can influence our well-being. So for tackling this issue Sippline Drinking Shield was conceived which is a disinfected and reusable connection that can be squeezed into the glass while drinking and one can drink without in the end contacting it.

The organisation’s valuation is 5 crore rupees. The deal is 1200 units to date. They are lingering behind in making mindfulness, advertising, and a few issues with deals folks.

Asks by the Pitchers: Pitchers approach with a request from 75 lakhs rupees for 15% value of the company. All the sharks ended up being angry as this was a result of no utilisation as indicated by them. Asheer Grover encouraged him regarding what to do. Soon after the requesting venture Aman and Ashneer got out of the arrangement. After that Anupam, Vineeta, and Namita got out of the arrangement. No arrangement was settled.

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