Innov8 Coworking – Case Study

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For 30-year-old Ritesh Malik, taking the less common direction appears to have had a significant effect. A specialist by calling, Ritesh has worn many caps throughout the long term – both as a financial backer and a business person.

Subsequent to sending off Innov8 in Delhi in January 2016, Ritesh, who is a fellow benefactor of the firm, has progressed significantly. Thus has his brainchild. From a 105-seater office space in the core of Connaught Place to the as of late sent off 50,000 square foot grounds in Gurugram, which is its thirteenth work area, Innov8’s development is by all accounts doing great for development. The firm is presently hoping to send off a middle in Hyderabad, which will be around 80,000 sqft.

Today with this case study we will continue with our plan in which we talk about the contextual investigation and plan of action of different new organizations and enormous associations. So today I am with you with another new business and we will examine INNOV8 Case Study – Business Model, Founders, Competition, Funding, Revenue, Investors.

In India, startup culture is on blast and we can see a huge ascent in this world. The main thing we find in startup culture is they face trouble in setting up an office. The land costs are high that they can’t get good space and foundation to finish the work. 

So to fill this request Ritesh Malik alongside Shailesh Gupta, and Sumit Ranka a void here and attempted to fill it by giving workplaces to new businesses.

It was begun with a sluggish speed however later on the same any remaining fruitful new businesses acquired speed.

We will discuss all ventures from beginning Innov8 without any preparation to be gained by OYO Workspaces on 15 March 2019. You will track down numerous wise things by and large. They were obtained by OYO at $ 30 Million.

Presently they are working under the auxiliary of OYO Workspaces. All things considered, it is in solid heads.

The idea of cooperating space traces back to 1995. However, it wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that it has acquired notoriety somewhat recently. To make the cooperating business more complex, Ritesh Malik established Innov8 in 2016.

Innov8 is a premium cooperating space supplier in the country. As of late, it has arisen as the main brand in the collaborating space remaining on a solid balance in the Indian startup market space. It’s not well known yet India is the third greatest startup centre point on the planet! This sprouts the obvious requirement for the applicable work areas in the country.

Innov8 Case Study

On the off chance that you are obscure with regards to Innov8, how about we dunk where it counts in this world and see a brief look at collaborating space? Here, the most natural thing that we see in the areas and work area. The central command of Innov8 is situated at Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Innov8 is the main Indian CoWorking Startup. They furnish you with an excellent and premium work area, where individuals can make, associate, and develop their organizations at ideal spots in 8 urban communities.

If you are Entrepreneurs, consultants, corporates, representatives, and Startup devotees and need perfectly created work areas at the most reduced costs then INNOV8 is the most ideal choice for you.

At the point when we talk about the cooperating space then the primary thing we see is the climate and costs of the Co-working space.

Innov8 was established in 2015. Their fundamental vision was to give a decent leased office to new companies at reasonable costs.

The vast majority of the new companies don’t have a strong and committed establishing group however here it was supported by a solid group.

Their primary vision to run this startup and work on this thought is to make give a launchpad to each fantasy. Innov8 is accessible in practically all significant urban areas across India. Their Coworking offers delightfully created work areas where individuals can make, interface, and develop their organizations in focal regions across prime business places.

They are accessible at 16 focuses skillet India, Innov8 is driven by a mission to reevaluate cooperation in India by giving best-in-class arrangements organized to give you the best-shared office experience.

They assist you with working close by the most splendid groups and team up in contemporary and roomy office spaces, organized to move efficiency.

About Innov8 and How it Works

Innov8 was sent off with the vision to give the best foundation around and remarkably creative plan offices to the individuals working in the work area. This will lead them to work to their fullest potential while driving a similarly offset work existence with the best and first-class office spaces.

With everything taken into account, Innov8 gives cool and refined collaborating spaces to work with the interaction between the startup biological system and the blending specialist’s way of life in the country. Since its origin, it depends on the fundamental belief of building a-list items at superior esteem cognizant cost with first-rate administration. This is currently the central strength of this endeavour. The organization, overall, centres around scaling its plan of action to profoundly help with coordinating more verticals under the common economic space in the country.

Fashioned in the falls and piles of the British Lake District, innov8 is footwear, clothing, and gear brand for submitted trail and rough terrain sprinters, wellness competitors, and experience looking for explorers who push limits and stretch cutoff points. Innov8 was sent off with the vision to give the best foundation around and especially creative plan offices to the individuals working in the work area. This will lead them to work to their fullest potential while driving a similarly offset work existence with the best and first-class office spaces.

All things considered, Innov8 gives cool and refined collaborating spaces to work with the interaction for the startup environment and the combining specialist’s way of life in the country. Since its initiation, it depends on the guiding principle of building a-list items at superior esteem cognizant cost with first-class administration. This is currently the crucial strength of this endeavour. The organization, all around, centres around scaling its plan of action to profoundly help with incorporating more verticals under the common economic space in the country.

Founders of Innov8 and group

The originator of Innov8 is Ritesh Malik. He is a specialist by calling and is an alum of Dr MGR Medical University in Tamil Nadu.

Dr Ritesh Malik is an Indian specialist, business person, and financial backer. He runs a virtual Startup Accelerator in India, as of now putting resources into and coaching 11 new companies across different businesses. He was the principal financial backer and guide of FIN ROBOTICS, which turned into the main Indian equipment item organization to raise a Series An endeavour subsidizing.

He did his MBBS from a country clinical school, Theni, and an entry-level position at Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. His folks are specialists; his dad is a paediatrician and his mother is a gynaecologist. They have an auxiliary medical services emergency clinic in Delhi called Radix Healthcare. He likewise read up for a brief time frame at the London School of Economics and finished a semester at Harvard University.

How was Innov8 Started?

Assuming you’re thinking about how was Innov8 begun, we have you covered. Every last bit of it began while organizer Ritesh was in clinical school and he kind of fostered a strong fascination with the heavenly field of a business venture. During his school days, Ritesh had effectively figured out how to go to a short Marketing Science 101 course at the renowned London School of Economics during one of his mid-year breaks. That is the place where he advanced profoundly about how Silicon Valley was blasting and humming with startup adventures and maintainability modules consistently.

It is likewise during this time that he established Guerilla Ventures in 2013 which is a holy messenger reserve. This adventure has put resources into more than 45 new businesses across different areas including medical care, data innovation, advancement, SaaS, and so on In the wake of being a fruitful financial backer for many years, Innov8 proprietor Ritesh Malik again felt the innovative tingle! What’s more, that is how he proceeded to begin the startup in Delhi in January 2016.

Why did innov8 begin?

India has probably the most unacceptable and unremarkable workplaces. Individuals spend over a portion of their non-dozing hours in these workplaces. Indians live for the end of the week and float unexcitedly from Monday through Friday. We saw a chance to reform how individuals work in our country by building a workstyle brand with components of the plan, local area, and innovation over the layer of land.

Innov8 – Startup Launch

Not long after Ritesh sent off Innov8, the endeavour was gotten by Silicon Valley hatchery Y Combinator for the 2016 group.

Followed by this occasion, the startup proceeded to set up 500-seater grounds in the IT centre of the nation, Bengaluru, which additionally sold out in only two months. Starting today, from commonly 25,000-27,000 square feet cooperating spaces, the organization is diving further deep into the game and is presently setting up 50,000 square feet spaces around the country.

Seeing this level of the increasing game, it wouldn’t come as any astonishment to us that Innov8 is currently intending to do one lakh square feet of work areas soon. They have been fruitful in making a cooperating space in Hyderabad for around 80,000 square feet. This was when laid out players like WeWork had laid out their space in the city.

The startup has an enormous contest in the collaborating market however the rising interest for cooperating spaces generally surpasses the stock of these spaces. Thus this is the place where they step in and prevail. Innov8 Coworking was obtained by OYO for $30 million on Mar 15, 2019.

Innov8 – Business Model and Revenue Model

Innov8 commonly works on a resource-light plan of action which implies that it rents the functioning spaces for as long as 10 years.

Innov8 – Competitors

However the opposition is enormous and relentless in the collaborating space market, the organization’s greatest rivals are the endeavours called Awfis and 91springboard.

Innov8 – Funding and Investors

The subsidizing measure of Innov8 lies at $4 million. In 2018, it raised its pre-Series A series of subsidizing by $4 million driven by the Credence Family Office. Likewise, the current financial backers took part in this subsidizing round.

The organization is supported by high-profile private backers including Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder, Paytm; Rajan Anandan, Head, Google India; Anand Chandrasekaran, Global Director of Platform and Product Partnerships, Facebook; and Girish Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO of Freshworks, among others.

Innov8 – Growth

Works over 13 urban communities across India

Has a general limit of 6,000 seats

Has a wide organization of more than 190 clients

Its clients incorporate RBL Bank, food conveyance major Swiggy, and Vice Media to just name a couple

Its focuses are working with offices like restrooms, roofs, diversion offices, rewards, and printing administrations

Has roughly 95% inhabitance across all focuses

Innov8 – Future Plans

“We have practically 95% inhabitance across the entirety of our focuses, which is one of the chief markers of our prosperity. With the area mastery our financial backers welcome ready, we anticipate utilizing their help, as we assemble the main stage offering cooperative space for development and advancement in India. Before the current year’s over, we will have 24,000 seats, with 30-32 focuses” finished up Ritesh Malik.

Advantages of Innov8:

Seriously organizing an open door

Probably the greatest advantage of a cooperating space is the amazing chance to associate with others. Assuming that you’re working in a workspace or autonomous office, you could be denying yourself of the significant associations expected to drive your business forward. In some cases, the main thing a private venture is missing is the flash that closeness to other effective entrepreneurs can bring.

Expanded usefulness

This is particularly valid for entrepreneurs working out of a workspace. At the point when we’re at home, it tends to be not difficult to get diverted. Kids need consideration, the house should be cleaned or kept up with and extraordinary ventures can continually manifest in our psyches. By going to another space, you can cement a “work mode” that can build efficiency. Numerous collaborating spaces are available every minute of every day, so you don’t need to stress over when you want to finish something.

Help in inventiveness

By working with others and presenting yourself to new points of view, collaborating spaces can give eruptions of inventiveness. Some of the time, changing spaces and making a beeline for another office can permit you to invigorate your brain and think about elective answers for business issues.

Joint effort open doors

Cooperating spaces open you to possibility and opportunity. Who can say for sure where a relaxed discussion might lead? Working in nearness to others permits speedy joint effort to happen. 


If you’re leasing an office, there are a large group of additional costs you might need to manage – particularly assuming your workers are searching for advantages like free espresso, snacks, and (at times) liquor. Cooperating spaces come furnished with advantages like these all at one month-to-month rate. They additionally accompany many implicit business administrations, similar to business mail, that can set aside your cash over the long haul.

More prominent adaptability

Numerous collaborating spaces offer entirely adaptable arrangements. If for reasons unknown, you want to drop your participation, there are typically adaptable choices to do such. If not, there’s no mischief in dropping your enrollment.

Last Words

Finally, we comprehend numerous things about Innov8 Case Study – Business Model, Founders, Competition, Funding, Services so assuming you have any questions tell me in the remark segment. This collaborating space industry is on the blast, to take the administrations of Innov8 then you should attempt, they are presently upheld by OYO.

In some cases back they were obtained by the OYO bunch. The innov8 organizer Ritesh Malik can be your motivation you should find out about him more to find out with regards to the business venture.

The plan of action is likewise really great for Innov8 to give out any audit then, at that point, remember to work it out in the remark segment.

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