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What befell Kabaddi Adda in the shark tank

Shark Tank India has become one of the most discussed shows in the country. The show is standing out from the watchers. Individuals have been following it since the time its first episode was circulated. On the show, we have seen that numerous new companies were presented by the challengers and the Sharks chose to put resources into their organisations. Every one of the Sharks has turned into an easily recognized name after this show.
The main games-based startup called Kabaddi Adda was presented in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 30. It is a live Kabaddi News and Auction stage. The organiser of the start-up requested 80 lakhs rupees in the venture for a 1% portion of his organisation in Shark Tank India.
The originators of Kabaddi Adda are Arvind Shivdas and Suhail Chandhok. The two of them made this startup together and have accomplished difficult work a ton to make it effective. Before coming to Shark Tank India, they were doing extraordinary in their business. To make it more effective, they chose to arrive at this show as everything needs cash to advance it. On the show, the originators requested 80 lakhs’ speculation for a 1% offer from his association in Shark Tank India. Notwithstanding, one of the financial backers settled the arrangement at 80 lakhs for 6% of his association in Shark Tank India.

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