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What befell Wakao Foods in the shark tank

Wakao Foods is a food brand that showed up on Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 29. Sairaj Gaurish Dhond, the organiser of Wakao Foods, who hails from Goa, India, has requested 75 lakhs in return for 5% of his organisation’s portion in Shark Tank India.
Wakao Foods is a sans gluten, affirmed vegetarian Jackfruits brand. This brand gives sound and veggie lover organic products to the client. They have a wide assortment of items like spread jack, teriyaki jack, and bar-b-que jack. All their food is sound and loaded with sustenance, it feels generally excellent and delectable to eat.
Wakao Foods, a jackfruit-based veggie lover food brand has turned into India’s initial startup to be upheld by every one of the three female sharks on Shark Tank India. The brand got subsidising of Rs 75 lakh for 21% value from SUGAR Cosmetics, MamaEarth, and Emcure Pharmaceuticals in the first release of Shark Tank India.
Established by Sairaj Dhond, Wakao Foods is a reasonable brand that targets carrying plant-based ‘Prepared to Cook’ and ‘Prepared to Eat’ items to the Indian market.
Wakao’s present contribution of jackfruit meat is morally obtained and hand-picked from ranches and cleanly fabricated. The jackfruit has been a conspicuous decision of item for its flexibility, meat-like surface, and nutritive worth (high in fibre, low in calories and fats). All Wakao items have no additives with a timeframe of realistic usability of 1 year and require no refrigeration.

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