KTM 390 Adventure – Review

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For a really long time, we’ve been famished with a genuinely competent, rough terrain machine that comes at a reasonable cost. Many, remembering myself for the good ‘old days, considered the to be KTM 390 Adventure as that: a unicorn that would usher total experience motorcycling salvation. Bajaj and KTM, be that as it may, see things in an unexpected way. To them, a market that has an unmistakable abhorrence for tall seats and one that never embraced rough terrain motorcycling – not that we’ve truly been given a good possibility – just isn’t prepared for a bad-to-the-bone machine. Seeming well and goodwill quite often beat assuaging the lovers. 


Design and looks of KTM 390 Adventure 

What I’m revealing to you directly toward the beginning is that the KTM 390 Adventure isn’t exactly the bicycle a significant number of you have been dreaming it would be. But on the other hand, I will disclose to you that it actually merits your complete consideration. It will most likely snatch it on the primary look at any rate since this bicycle has very little presence, and face to face, you’ll understand that the 390 ADV is an impressively huge machine.

It’s greater than the BMW G 310 GS in each measurement and is taller and more extensive than the Royal Enfield Himalayan too. Fortunately, it isn’t pretty much as powerful as the 199kg Himalayan, however at 177kg curb weight, it’s about 8kg more than the BMW. 

Significant it could be, however, the 390 Adventure absolutely isn’t pretty. Actually like KTM’s enormous ADV family, its brand name bug-like styling is immediately conspicuous – yet it’s not for everybody. There are a couple of fascinating subtleties, however. The gas tank plastic, for instance, is mixed with shading, rather than being painted, and this should help keep a cleaner car for time’s impact of scratches and general wear. 


There are a couple rough terrain arranged contacts as well. The elastic foot stake tops can be unscrewed to uncover wide and energetic metal stakes, while the toe segment of the stuff switch is sprung, which ought to secure it if there should be an occurrence of a fall.

The foot brake expansion toward the end is rushed to the switch arm independently; so regardless of whether that severs, you should in any case have the option to utilize the switch to advance back home. The motor slam watch is made of plastic, with a little metal segment around the front left territory where the exhaust pipe is directed through. At last, the brush gatekeepers and motor defenders are important for the standard hardware list. 

To the extent solace and common sense go, all things considered, this bicycle is miles in front of whatever else KTM offers in India. The 14.5-liter gas tank is the biggest on any India-made KTM to date, and you ought to handily get above and beyond 300km on a tankful. Another subframe has freed immense seating space for the rider, and there’s an adequately measured pillion seat too. On the off chance that you’ve been making do with the confined space that stays in the wake of mounting baggage on your KTM Duke, this degree of room will be out and out extravagant. 

What are the specifications and functions on offer? 

Innovation astute, there’s the now-recognizable, full-LED headlamp that comes directly off the 390 and 790 Duke. The TFT show is additionally almost the equivalent, however this one can show turn-by-turn route helps on the off chance that you buy the discretionary Rs 600 KTM MyRide Navigation App. And afterward, obviously, there’s the feature of getting electronic help.


The bicycle gets a bi-directional quick-shifter that functions admirably, if not as smooth and fresh as the framework in the 790 Duke. There’s likewise a three-hub IMU that empowers a cornering ABS to include, just as a corner-delicate foothold control framework. The ABS can’t be killed totally, however you can change it to a ‘rough terrain’ mode, which deactivates the back and extricates the mediation at the front wheel. In principle, the foothold control (TC) framework can be turned off as well, however, this is another piece that we’ll get to somewhat later. 

What’s it like to head out on unpaved roads and the off-roading capabilities? 

Our first taste of the 390 ADV was on some rough, gravelly path, with a couple of steep trips flung with huge rocks. First of all, the ergonomics are very good, as far as the feet situating and state of the gas tank, however the vast majority of us concurred that we’d have preferred a taller handlebar for when standing up and riding. Absurd areas, the suspension has a firm and tight feel that takes care of business genuinely well, yet overinflated tires implied that things were very fun the first occasion when we took off. 

Changing to the quicker, more open path, the 390’s brand name rambunctious force conveyance was extraordinary fun, particularly when you cross the sorcery 6,000rpm imprint. Be that as it may, similarly as the 390’s incredible top-end thrills in the quick stretches, its surly base end makes it an outright agony when climbing steep and specialized paths at low paces.

There is no critical draw underneath 3,000rpm, and you need to slip the grip a considerable amount to get things moving. More limited outfitting or possibly an adjustment in the last drive proportion would have been pleasant here, yet the arrangement is indistinguishable from that of the 390 Duke. 

KTM-390-Adventure-seat comfort 

In a rough terrain setting, a large portion of the KTM’s high level helps aren’t entirely alluring. The rough terrain ABS mode worked flawlessly, however the equivalent can’t be said for the footing control. Various us experienced a strange issue where the TC would haphazardly cut in momentarily, denying you of all force, and this was with the framework completely killed and keeping in mind that the motor was running.


A few riders even encountered the TC arbitrarily exchanging itself back on, yet this didn’t occur with my bicycle. As far as I can tell, this conduct was either because of the TC framework acting mischievously or an issue with the powering. At the point when you’re exploring through an interesting rough terrain area, it is anything but a pleasant inclination to be abruptly denied of force, and this is something KTM needs to investigate. 

What’s it like to ride out and about? 

By and large, the 390 ADV will get you through whatever you point it at, yet unmistakably this is no enduro cruiser. It’s out and about where the Adventure’s 1.5-degree expansion in guiding rake and 77mm expansion in wheelbase over the 390 Duke uncover their greatest change. While we didn’t assess high velocity strength, obviously this bicycle feels nothing almost as restless or tense as the Duke.

All things considered, there’s an agreeable feeling of security, which comes without a significant penance in spryness and front-end feel, regardless of the 19-inch front wheel. Another charming perspective is the firm and sharp feel from the front brake switch; this shocks no one as it utilizes the 320mm plate arrangement from the Duke. On a winding street, the 390 Adventure, with its tight suspension, grippy tires and liberal cornering freedom, advises you that this KTM actually realizes how to party.


To the extent comfort goes, the riding position is basically superb. It’s open, comfortable, and since you’re sitting very high up, it’s additionally instructing. Ride quality is acceptable as well, however there is a feeling of immovability – terrible streets shouldn’t actually influence the bicycle, albeit this is something we’ll need to put something aside for our full audit.

What you should know is this is a bicycle that will be simpler for taller riders. Out and about, the 855mm seat tallness will be just about sensible in case you’re over 5ft 6in, yet things can get very precarious rough terrain in the event that you don’t have long legs to veil an absence of ability (liable as charged). 

Execution astute, the BS6 motor makes a similar 43hp/37Nm as the BS4 engine in the 390 Duke, albeit the fumes note sounds a touch more muted. It has consistently been a spine chiller of a motor, with all the force you at any point need on our streets, and that hasn’t changed.

What’s happening, nonetheless, is an upgraded bended radiator with a double fan arrangement. The expectation is to improve cooling effectiveness and divert the hot air away from the rider, and we’re quick to perceive how this functions in the drudgery of huge city traffic. 

Here are the top 5 observations about KTM 390 Adventure:

1. Albeit the 2020 KTM 390 Adventure is rough terrain skilled, its ability remains street centered, be it cleared or soil. Remember that this isn’t a R model. The 390 Adventure has diecast aluminum wheels in a 19-/17-inch blending, shod with road arranged Continental TKC 70 tires. Besides, the suspension travel is under seven crawls at each end, and the check weight is 379 pounds. This is a cruiser that dominates in the city, yet is as yet able on the soil. Indeed, it is an ADV cruiser instead of a soil bicycle—nothing unexpected. 

2. Controlling the 390 Adventure is a similar strong single utilized in the 390 Duke and RC 390. It’s a ride-by-wire short-stroke DOHC factory that loves to fire up, with the redline coming at 10,000 rpm. The force goes ahead very easily, and with no hits in the powerband. That makes the conveyance completely reasonable on the soil, just as steady on asphalt.

The six-speed transmission is coordinated to a help and-shoe grasp, and our test unit had KTM’s discretionary up/down quickshifter—a fundamental KTM PowerPart. 

3. The ergonomics are unadulterated downsized ADV. It’s more extensive than an earth bicycle, yet much smaller than bigger experience bikes. The seating position works extraordinary altogether conditions, however the bars feel a smidgen low when standing—an absolutely close to home inclination.

Advances among sitting and standing are sometimes hindered by the ventured seat hitting the rider in the butt when attempting to get back for foothold. Other than that, the KTM 390 Adventure doesn’t get in the pilot’s manner, and you have a feeling that you overwhelm the bike, instead of the reverse way around. Goodness, and talking about standing, the footpegs—with removable elastic supplements—are brilliant stages. 

4. The 3.8-gallon gas tank isn’t prominent, and KTM says the 390 Adventure has a scope of 267 miles. That is far, and the prescient reach in the scramble backs that up. Given the current riding limitations, we haven’t got an opportunity to test that at this point. Truly, the reach will fluctuate broadly, contingent upon how and where the 390 is ridden. 

5. The smooth force conveyance gets the 2020 KTM 390 Adventure where you need it to be. Nothing happens rapidly on the 390, and that makes it simpler to plot and execute moves. I did a touch of smooth single-track riding, and it was fine as long as the more modest distance across haggles wasn’t being tried.

With footing control off, you can turn up the back tire with a hard bit of the choke, so controlling through fire street corners with the back end is up front on the daily agenda. The better you get a feeling of its restrictions, the more you can appreciate misusing them through rough terrain. 

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