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What befell PawsIndia in the shark tank

PawsIndia is a pet food startup that makes canine and feline food varieties, which showed up in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 24. The organiser of this startup, Priyam Singh, has requested ₹50 lakhs in return for a 4% portion of his organisation in Shark Tank India. Priyam Singh gave a decent show of his business thought before sharks in Shark Tank India.
PawsIndia gives every one of the fixings to various types of Pets like Toys, Foods, Grooming, Accessories, Pet Care, and so on This PawsIndia brand gives all that pets need to them. It gives data about the variety of each pet through its site.
They additionally make garments from Merchandise for the pet person. This startup began in Mumbai, which is today a tremendous internet-based commercial centre for pets. The pitcher requested ₹50 lakhs for 4% offers. She wants cash for making it one of India’s beloved pet brands.
Namita, who was the business visionary’s top choice, was out because she is anything but a pet sweetheart. Ghazal was at that point a financial backer in a comparative organisation, so she was likewise out.
Vineeta needed to offer, however, she got strayed when the business visionary said that she needed to turn to the medical care area. She encouraged them to close the commercial centre model since it is just 10% of their income.

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