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The Indian startup environment in India is developing huge amounts at a time and Inc42 has been adequately lucky to be an essential piece of it. As we push ahead in our main goal of solidifying our spot in the Indian startup environment, we are presenting another week-by-week Jobs series where we’ll associate you with a couple of open work positions consistently from the absolute best new companies in India.


Bound together café innovation stage cooperating with 10,000+ cafés in their advanced change. Posist is a B4B (Business-for-Business) organization cooperating with worldwide café networks in their advanced change using its eatery innovation stage. Posist powers 10,000+ cafés internationally. It permits endeavor eatery administrators to develop at scale, further develop primary concern effectiveness and convey a predictable visitor experience. Posist’s bound together innovation stage smoothes out cafés’ front of the house, back of the house, out of house/combinations, investigation, and CRM. 

Prestigious café networks including Taco Bell, Nando’s, Carl’s Jr, Häagen-Dazs, and Jamie’s Italian are among a couple of brands utilizing Posist to deal with their cycles, individuals, and spot of operations. Developed versatile retail location programming intended for cafés installments. The organization’s product offers ceaseless admittance to information put away in the cloud, quick assistance, taking an acknowledgment of orders, and secure activities, empowering cooks and café administrators to maintain their organizations in a simple, effective, and monetarily appealing way.

Sent off in 2012, New Delhi-based POSist is a main cloud-based café innovation stage appropriate for cafés of all sizes. POSist offers versatile, solid, and simple to utilize retail location innovation, empowering organizations to mechanize tasks, incorporate with aggregators, please visitors, and develop their income. 

POSist helps a wide range of food organizations, from independent food outlets to an enormous order of things, oversee capacities like Billing, CRM, Inventory Control, Recipe and Wastage Management, Centralized Menu Management, Vendor Management, and then some. Ongoing portable announcing helps an eatery proprietor keep a nearby watch on their business. In September 2020, POSist delivered its India release of the POSist Restaurant Industry and Market Evolution (PRIME) Report. 

The study, sent off in September, inspected the effect of COVID-19, changing purchaser conduct towards feasting and food conveyance, and the new areas of innovation restaurateurs are contributing to construct client trust. Altogether, 300 senior leaders in the café business partook in the study across India.

POSist is the supplier of cloud-based retail locations and eatery the executive’s arrangements. Elements of the product incorporate charging for different sorts of requests, revealing and investigation to follow eatery’s deals and execution, client data set upkeep and commitment through different offers, menu the board instruments, faithfulness program contributions, café stock administration, SMS reconciliation to push offers and limits to clients, internet requesting and table reservation framework alongside installment combination, café worker participation, and finance the executives and joining with web-based entertainment channels to contact clients.

Vision and mission

Their bound together stage is worked to assist eateries with mechanization to further develop primary concern proficiency and spotlight on what makes the biggest difference in serving extraordinary food. their eatery innovation stage permits café administrators to develop at scale, further develop primary concern proficiency and convey consistency in visitor experience. Posist is determined to make worldwide cafés prosperous.

About Posist

Mr. Ashish Tulsian is a Co-Founder and fills in as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Enabler, and Board Member at POSist. He holds a Bachelor’s certificate from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering. Launched in 2012, POSist is a cloud-based café innovation and POS (retail location) stage. It offers adaptable, solid, and simple to utilize retail location innovation, empowering cafés to robotize activities, incorporate with aggregators and improve income. POSist is trusted by north of 10,000 eateries in 35 nations. 

POSist offers complete combinations with over 150+ stages to empower the easy administration of eateries, everything being equal. The set-up of combinations incorporates bookkeeping programming, internet requesting stages, computerized wallets, cloud communication programming, table reservation stages, dedication projects, and conveyance coordination with top web-based food aggregators all around the world. Valuing is accessible on solicitation and backing is expanded through telephone, email, and other internet-based services.”POSist can be deciphered as POS + ist = Specialized in Point of Sale administrations. The likeness can be attracted to a represented considerable authority in dental specialist (Dent + ist= Dentist)” Ashish makes sense of.

POSist is a cloud-based retail location arrangement supplier for cafés. POSist, the main organization to give a total web-based POS answer for eateries, has said of giving “Preparing free” and “Simple to utilize” adaptable answers for its customers.POS is a web-facilitated administration that chips away at a program and does not require continuous establishment at the power source. Every one of your information is put away in the cloud and being on the cloud you never lose the data. With its most exceptional structure, POSist protects that it works both in disconnected and online mode. This has ended up being a benefit for cafés which are somewhat found and frequently track down trouble with a persistent web association. POSist ensures that the charging doesn’t stop in any event, when the Internet goes down or the equipment crashes. It effectively monitors what gets charged and so forth. All Voids and Offers are consent-based and a total history is kept up with of what goes inside the product.

Highlights of the product:

The designer module assists you with overseeing stock supplies across stores. It deals with your franchisee outlets consequently by accepting their prerequisite naturally.

Feed-in your plans in the product to deal with the utilization of natural substances stock concerning deals. This prompts a lower ‘pilferage’ in the café. For greater chains, this assists with ensuring the flavor of the dishes as the plans will be the same across the power source.

Deals and unrefined substance utilization figures – as indicated by the past information, advance your activities. PnL reports are created relying upon stock deal/buy and utilization. Heaps of more reports are accessible in light of solid calculations.

Itemized investigations are accessible with charts and even portrayals.

All reports are accessible continuous on your versatile in a hurry. No more conditions on your supervisor or clerks available to be purchased refreshes.

Online orders from Websites and Mobile are straightforwardly gotten in the Point Of Sale framework, This aids in Managing orders at one submission and combining requests and installments without any problem.

Not any more manual criticisms as you can Shift to paperless input by pleasing your client with the Feedback App that can run on any tablet or cell phone. Consequently, it is more straightforward to immediately SMS the administration with the Customer’s criticism.

Support all monetary standards and can be utilized for overseeing cafés around the world.

All the client information can be shared across all outlets of your image across geologies.

Numerous individuals can request one focal number. The client’s structure is rarely missed and regardless of whether it’s rush hour and all administrators are occupied, you will get a missed call alarm and you can whenever get back to the client.

Why POSist?

POSist permits you to deal with your eatery business. Monitor the everyday deals, absolute bills created, costs brought about, staff execution, and more through straightforward, yet itemized Reporting and Analytics.

We are a B4B (Business-for-Business) organization joining forces with worldwide eatery networks in their computerized change. We bring north of a time of involvement with driving productivity for a portion of the top cafés around the world. With our brought together stage, we endeavor to make remarkable encounters for café administrators by enabling them with a total view and control of their tasks from the front of the house, and back of the house to everything in the middle.

Posist’s bound together innovation stage smoothes out cafés’ front of the house, back of the house, out of house/mixes, examination, and CRM. Eminent café networks including Taco Bell, Nando’s, Carl’s Jr, Häagen-Dazs, and Jamie’s Italian are among a couple of brands utilizing Posist to deal with their cycles, individuals, and spot of activities.


It was the year 2010 when Ashish put resources into an eatery while he was effectively running a telecom organization. When he got into the business, Ashish understood that running an eatery isn’t quite so alluring as it is by all accounts. It requires adding work to deal with each part engaged with the business beginning from stock to client support. Being a tech individual, Ashish considered using innovation to assist him with dealing with the business; so he was out in the market to search for instant programming which could help them in activities. Ashish was astonished to observe that there was no such item in the business given there are organizations as old as 25 years and are into giving accommodation and administration arranged programming. This constrained Ashish to take out two workers from the tech group to assemble the underlying model of the expected programming. Furthermore, that is the way POSist-a main internet-based POS, Restaurant Management programming was made.

Founders and team

Mr. Ashish Tulsian alongside his better half Mrs. Sakshi Tulsian helped to establish POSist in September 2011. Ashish, Co-Founder, and CEO of POSist Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an intriguing mix of a Technocrat and Restaurateur. He launched his profession by establishing a telecom organization, serving all significant telecom administrators in India for esteem-added administrations. 

A side interest in an eatery out of energy carried him to this side of things. Ashish understood that the difficulties of dealing with an eatery chased after an IT arrangement that could help him mechanize and remotely oversee most pieces of it. Ashish feels that the job of IT in the café in the industry is very underestimated at this point, yet immovably accepts that it can affect business in more than possible ways. With POSist he accepts they can fundamentally impact how eateries work.

Sakshi is the Co-originator of Posist. Sakshi’s job at Posist is to ‘catalyze productivity’. Ashish lets us know that it was Sakshi’s affection for cooking that drove her to help establish Posist. Sakshi has a science certificate from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, New Delhi, and has worked with a few programming organizations before s, he, at last, helped to establish POSist with Ashish. Sakshi’s name has been recorded in top ladies’ business people of India and among the rousing accounts of ladies’ business visionaries.

POS Technology and Trends in 2015

POS means ‘Retail location’ framework. It alludes to a framework where exchange between a trader and a client happens at an actual area in return for products or after the arrangement of help. The term is pertinent to a retail shop or the checkout/clerk counter in the store and is caught utilizing an assortment of gadgets including PCs, optical and standardized tag scanners, sales registers, or any blend of these gadgets.

A high-level POS consolidates cloud-based POS. Cloud-based POS frameworks are arrangements that are given over the web. These administrations store information on far-off servers and make data available on the web. The most well-known cloud administration assets are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and others.

These administrations significantly affect how tasks are completed in a business. In contrast to customary frameworks, with cloud-based POS frameworks, the chief doesn’t need to be truly present on the site to make changes, check representatives’ working status, or control the administration. This quick accessibility of information online means administrators can see information continuously with a bit of not many fingertips over the cell phone, work area, or some other viable gadget. It is substantially more advantageous to effectively run your operations. According to the business reports, 61% of cafés are presently looking just for completely coordinated POS arrangements that oversee everything from internet requests to point-by-point monetary announcing.

Business model

The job of tech has never been more articulated for the eatery business, as during the pandemic. Foodtech new businesses, for example, Zomato and Swiggy have smoothed out their activities and differentiated amid an income smash, while simply demonstration eateries perceived the need to go online with their contributions as physical removing turned into the new standard this year.

To empower eateries to build their openness to tech items, the New Delhi-settled cloud-based eatery innovation stage POSist has sent off the POSist application commercial center, permitting cafés to peruse, attempt, and introduce entrusted applications with a single tick. Cafés have needed to adjust to the new ordinary by utilizing tech at all degrees of activity, and the commercial center permits engineers to effectively construct applications for eateries to oversee front-of-the-house (FOH) and back-of-the-house (BOH) tasks.

Over the most recent half-year, 40% of worldwide client requests for POSist were for Cloud Kitchen Management programming.

Dubai, UAE: As the business gets ready for a rebound and as the local state-run administrations loosen up rules, cafés are proceeding to essentially rethink how they carry on with work – carefully and through innovation – to keep their activity moving along as planned, work on their main concern, and keep serving their clients.

As indicated by the POSist Restaurant Industry and Market Evolution (PRIME) Report, 70% of the feast in cafés in the UAE are investigating their choices of wandering into Cloud Kitchens after the primary influx of COVID-19. The laid out café networks and QSRs are trying different things with crossover plans of action that join feast in, conveyance, and action item into one experience, subsequently making numerous income streams and decreasing the weight on edges.

Engaging Restaurants To Set Up Cloud Kitchens

Even though cloud kitchens were at that point acquiring conspicuousness in the UAE, an ever-increasing number of eateries began turning to this model after COVID19 because of lower arrangement costs and further developed edges. POSist Cloud Kitchen Management programming provides cafés with the force of cloud-based POS, Online Ordering, Integrations, Restaurant Marketing suite, to Kitchen the executives, assisting them with building a beneficial brand. Utilizing POSist, administrators can deal with different kitchens and brands utilizing its focal dashboard and work with orders from outsider food aggregators from all significant conveyance administrations close by their own on the web and versatile requesting stages. Over the most recent half-year, 40% of worldwide client requests for POSist were for Cloud Kitchen Management programming.

Opening New Revenue Streams With A D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) Channel

The eatery business blossoms with the relationship with the visitors. A site provides a restaurateur with the upside of social occasion basic client data, request examples, and experiences into their preferences, making a better commitment. Furthermore, POSist internet requesting offers a scope of adaptable site formats for eateries to give a customized insight to their visitors by showing them planner menus with photographs, rich substance, and a simple to-arrange web route.

Cafés can utilize web-based requesting programming by coordinating with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) instruments and outsider applications, for example, faithfulness programs, portable wallets, and cloud communication, among different administrations, to drive more income. As well as previously existing food aggregator channels, having an in-house site helps in brand building and enhances the income valuable open doors. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for the two eateries and clients.

Advanced Ordering For Contactless Dining Experience

POSist was one of the primary movers to acquaint an end-with-end advanced requesting framework to help restaurateurs in limiting actual associations among benefactors and the servers in an eat-in arrangement. The tech stack incorporates QR code requesting, a WiFi-put together requesting framework facilitated concerning the eatery’s organization, and computerized bill and installment receipts answers for decreasing actual contact at all conceivable touchpoints in a café.

“In present circumstances, the greatest test that fine-eat requirements to settle are to win burger joints’ trust by making a protected mood without any trade-offs on the eating experience and nature of food. We accept that this should be possible with contactless innovation, for example, an advanced menu requesting framework,” said Bhupender Nath, Founder, and Managing Director, of Passion F&B (Tresind).

“Visitors have communicated their trust in our wellbeing measures, and we see them returning all the more habitually. I feel it is the aggregate liability of our industry on the loose to make cafés more secure than any time in recent memory.”

Bound together App Marketplace Ecosystem To Bridge The Technology Gap

POSist likewise presented its application commercial center for the eatery business. The POSist commercial center permits cafés to rapidly find and introduce confided in outsider applications to make the front and back of house activities more effective. The commercial center at present has over 150+ innovation accomplices offering, Online-requesting stages, Digital wallets, Cloud communication programming, Table reservation stages, Loyalty projects, and Delivery incorporation with top internet-based food aggregators around the world. Through the Marketplace, POSist is working with the main innovation players in the business, like Delivered, Lyve, RadYes, among others.

“COVID19 has evened out the business scene across the world, and we are eager to see that the UAE eatery industry is advancing beyond the bend,” said Ashish Tulsian, fellow benefactor and CEO, POSist. 


Posist creates $4.6M in income.

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